10 Bad Driving Habits that Damage Your Car

June 11, 2021

Without knowing it, you could be damaging your car by doing small things. Here are the 10 bad driving habits that damage your car, which you should try and avoid.

Giving the Engine a Rev

You could damage components by revving your car when it’s cold because this causes sharp temperature changes. For best performance, you should rather wait a minute or two once your car has started to allow the oil to heat and distribute through the engine.  

Your Gear Lever isn’t a Hand Rest

It might be comfortable to rest your hand on your manual gear lever, but this will put the transmission under pressure, which can result in premature wear.

Pushing Till Empty

If you often leave your tank near empty then the fuel is drawn from the bottom of the tank which is where dirt, impurities and residuals have settled. When the fuel level is low, these are absorbed by the fuel pump, which will then shorten the life of your fuel system. Also, frequent low levels can cause the fuel to warm, which means that the pump will be running hotter and can lead to early pump failure.Before the warning light comes on, fill your tank.  

Not Using Your Handbrake

If you don’t use the handbrake then the weight of the car falls on a lock in the engine output shaft, which will cause wear. Using the parking brake evens out the weight, which results in longer-lasting components.  

Riding the Clutch

Clutch failure can occur when you ride the clutch. It will cause a build-up of heat. This will result in strain and wear on the pressure plate and the release arm and bearing.

Stopping Hard 

You will burn more fuel with hard acceleration and it will place a heavy load on the components.Hard and quick braking results in brake pad and rotor wear, which can be dangerous if you are not able to stop quick enough.

Riding the Brake

You might think it is a good idea to keep your foot on the brake, but it can cause the brake to overheat and wear out. It is better to switch to a lower gear.

Putting too Much Junk in Your Car 

Your engine, steering, suspension, transmission and tyres will become worn when you put more in your car than you are meant to. Also, to maintain better fuel efficiency, it is best not to weigh down your car.

Switching to Drive from Reverse 

Whilst, still going backwards, you should avoid switching from reverse to drive without stopping first as this causes strain on your vehicle when it has to suddenly switch directions.

Not Listening to your Car

Don’t ignore your car. If a light comes on or you hear something strange then don’t ignore it. Have the problem attended to as this could save you money in the long run as a small problem today could be a huge issue later.

These are bad driving habits you should avoid to give extra life to your car.

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