3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Skip Regular Services

June 11, 2021

As a car owner, the one thing that you can’t skip is your regular car service, which should be at least once a year or more if your car is giving you issues. Here are 3 reasons you shouldn’t skip regular services and how it could cost you in the long-run if you do.

Servicing Your Vehicle

You will need to have a professional check your engine regularly to ensure that it is functioning correctly and any small issues can be picked up on before they become bigger issues. Have your car serviced when it is due to reduce the risk of breakdowns and repairs.  

For your engine to stay clean and running, an oil change is a must. When your oil change is due, also ask for your transmission to be looked over.

Another area that is important to have checked is the brakes. If the brake fluid is low then it can impair the function and make it harder to stop. Brake pads that are worn or dirty can cause squeaking and brake malfunction.

Have it Inspected

It is quite easy to keep track of oil changes but other services will need to be kept on top of. Have a schedule and know when your car is due for a service.

When you take your car in for a service, the technician will check over the engine and use a diagnostic tool to check the electrical components. A diagnostic appointment will aid in finding repairs early, which will save you money as the risk of bigger problems and breakdowns is reduced. You can also budget for this making it easier to afford.

Service Plans

Many dealerships will offer service plans, but make sure you read and understand the terms of these.  You can also buy a service plan from a third-party, which will help in the financial costs of car services. Have a look around for the best service plan that suits your wallet and needs.

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