4 Mistakes that Could Void Your Car Warranty

South Africans will soon be experiencing a big change in terms of car warranties, but even with these changes on the horizon, some mistakes could void your car warranty.

car warranty

A car warranty is a guarantee offered by the manufacturer. With a car warranty, certain parts of your car will be replaced or repaired depending on the KMs travelled or years owned.

Generally, repairs that were covered by the warranty, would need to be carried out by an approved dealer or mechanic. If repairs were done somewhere else then the warranty would be voided.

However, this is changing and the Competition Commission has said that consumers will be able to choose where to take their vehicle for repairs without risking the warranty.  

Even though this allows flexibility, you still need to know your contract to ensure that you never void your warranty. There are still other mistakes you could make that will void the warranty.

Mistakes that Could Void Your Warranty

Not Going for a Service

You need to make sure you know the time frame or kilometres between each service. There is usually a grace period with warranties, but if you miss a service then your warranty could be voided.  

Not Using Your Car the Right Way

If you misuse your vehicle like overloading it, taking it off-road when it isn’t an off-road vehicle and so on and your car becomes damaged through the misuse then warranty claims could be denied.

Modifying Your Car

Your warranty could be voided if you modify the engine or bodywork. Some modifications are allowed, so check your warranty agreement before you make changes.  

Writing Off Your Car

If your vehicle becomes a write off then so is the warranty.  

Extend Your Warranty

Once your warranty expires, you can purchase a car warranty, which will offer financial assistance if anything were to happen to your car. You can continue to ensure your car is taken care of with an extended motor warranty.

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