4 Reasons to Sell Your Car to a Dealership

If you have decided to sell your car then you can choose to trade-in, sell privately or sell to a dealership.  

Selling a car privately comes with hassles, whereas selling to a dealer is a painless process.  

sell your car to a dealership

4 Reasons to Sell Your Car to a Dealership

Time Saver

It takes time to sell privately and on top of that, you may need to deal with several people, failed offers and so on.

Selling to a dealer only takes about a day. They will make an offer, which you can choose to negotiate on, accept or decline. If you accept the offer then the dealership will handle everything for you, which saves time and energy.  

No Need to Advertise

Selling your car privately involves advertising. You will need to advertise your car across multiple platforms to get enquiries. However, even though there are numerous trusted online selling platforms, you can’t always be sure of the people that are enquiring. This then puts you at risk, but you may also need to juggle multiple enquires, failed sales, people who may give you the runaround and so on. Selling your car could become more of a headache and use a lot of your time.

On the other hand, there is less risk involved when selling to a dealership and the sale will go through. You know exactly who you are dealing with, making selling your car a breeze.

Don’t Deal with the Papers

You will be responsible for the sales process when selling privately. You will need to advertise, arrange test drives, sort the paperwork and so on.

The paperwork and all processes are handled by the dealership when you opt to sell your car to a dealership, making life a whole lot easier.

Instant Money in Your Pocket

Once a price is agreed and all paperwork is processed, the money goes straight into your bank account.

The Drawback of Selling to a Dealership 

Lower Price for Your Car

As a dealership needs to make money, they will give you a lower price than what you would get when selling privately, but it is still easier and quicker to sell to a dealership.

You can use an online platform like Drift to sell your car. Dealers can bid on your car and at the end of the bidding process, you can choose to accept or decline. This helps you to get the best price.

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