5 Dangerous Ways to Sit in a Car

July 6, 2021

We all know that we should wear our seatbelt for safety whilst driving, but there are still ways to sit that are dangerous even when you have your seatbelt on.


Here are 5 dangerous ways to sit in a car.

Feet on the Dashboard

If you are the front passenger and sit with your feet on the dashboard, then the way the seatbelt fits will change. If you are in an accident when sitting like this, then it could cause your upper body to flip over the belt which can result in injury to your back and abdomen.

On top of that, if the front airbag goes off then your knees could be pushed into your face and with the force, an airbag deploys you could be left with serious injuries to your head, feet and legs.

Sitting Reclined

When you sit with the passenger seat reclined the seatbelt is no longer where it is meant to be and will be over your neck and abdomen, which can result in serious damage to these if you are in an accident.  

Putting the Seat Belt Under Your Arm

A seat belt is meant to be worn in a certain way, which is over your shoulder and across your collarbone. If you move the seatbelt to under your arm, then, it will cross your ribs. Your ribs are weaker than your collarbone, so if you are in an accident, the seatbelt isn’t in a position to stop your torso from pushing you forward and slamming into the airbag.

Third Row Seats

Middle and front row seats are quite stable, but third-row seats are usually closer to the rear. In a rear-end accident, passengers in the third-row are likely to be injured.

Having your Child or Dog on Your Lap 

Riding in the passenger seat with your child or dog on your lap is dangerous because of the speed that an airbag inflates. Your child or pet will be seriously injured or even killed and the force that they slam into your body can cause serious internal injuries.

Children should be seated in the back seat and secured correctly. Pets can either be harnessed to the seatbelt or placed in a pet carrier.

Even with your seatbelt on the way you sit is vital in ensuring your safety if anything were to happen.

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