5 Must-Have Tools for Every Dealership

More and more car buyers are online, which means that not only do dealerships need to market on the internet they also need technological tools that can help them to track, manage and improve to drive more sales.

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These technologies will make dealership processes easier, quicker and simpler. Here are 5 essential technologies that every dealership should have.  

An Optimised and Responsive Website

Car buyers are no longer visiting dealerships to find a car. They are first doing all their research online. You will then need to have a functional, responsive and user-friendly website. You want customers to land on your website and browse your listings.

Having a website is not enough. It will need to be optimised so that search engines rank it higher. Car buyers are more likely to find your site when it is optimised and these potential leads can be converted into sales.

Your website needs to be up to date, clean with excellent inventory filters, quality inventory images and strong calls to action and it must be kept up to date.

Having an Accurate Dealer Management System

It is vital to have a dealer management system or DMS. Your dealer management system is where you handle all your stock. Here you can load stock and some DMSs let you load once and feed to multiple platforms, keep prices updated, track key metrics and so on.

Your DMS is the powertrain behind your website and other platforms that you advertise on, which is why updating your DMS regularly ensures that your website and other platforms reflect your inventory.

As said, some dealer management systems let you load once and feed stock to multiple platforms. This makes it simpler to keep track, update and monitor your vehicle stock.

Not only that, but you can also find a system where you can do everything in one place including book values, HPIs and vehicle valuations.


Once your DMS and website are updated, you need to put what you have in front of interested customers through dynamic ads,Google Ads, social media and so on.

With dynamic paid ad technology, you can reach those searching for specific inventory at a dealership. Dynamic ad technology means that your ad can match each vehicle search query. Pulling in live inventory data will help to convert ready to buy customers.

Having a strong social media presence will drive potential car buyers to your website, where potential leads could become sales. Google Ads is another great tool to have under your belt as you can push traffic to your website, increase conversions and sales. Other marketing tools that can be used include email and SMS campaigns.

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Integrate a CRM System

A central part of your dealership should be a CRM system. A CRM system makes engaging with customers that much easier. It will pull all lead engagement, follow-ups and reports together in one place.

A CRM system allows you to manage customer appointments and track the progress of customer deals.

An integrated CRM system means that you can set and manage appointments, track your team, sales and leads. You can even complete the deal process through the system. Customers can be linked to deals, valuations etc and sales staff can generate OTPs, quotes and have customers sign documentation digitally, which is all stored securely.  

For a CRM system to be effective, your sales team will need to use it daily and log all customer interactions, so you don’t miss key insights and sales opportunities. Also, when lead insights aren’t logged correctly, customers could become irritated with repeat conversations and details being lost.

Sales Intelligence

Sales intelligence brings everything together and helps you to turn leads into sales. You will gain actionable insights for your sales team, provide better customer experiences and improve the effectiveness of your sales staff. 

Sales intelligence gives you a better insight into where your leads are coming from and why they are being closed. You can then create better marketing strategies, spot issues with your sales process and make improvements to drive more sales.

Having these solutions in place at your dealership will drive marketing and sales forward.

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