5 Reasons You Need the CX Portal

Do you want to stay on top of your leads? Keep track of customers and sales? Know when and who has appointments with customers? And so much more? Then take a look at the CX Portal.

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What is the CX Portal?

The CX Portal is a customer relationship management system where you can manage customer relationships, create appointments, link customers to information and more.

A CRM system makes everything easier for your dealership.  You can increase sales and conversion rates, save time and build better relationships with your customers.

The CX Portal offers an easy to use format.Turn your leads into sales with ease.

5 Reasons You Need the CX Portal

Track Your Team

With the CX Portal, you can keep track of your sales team on the CX Dashboard. The dashboard will show you information about appointments, lead information including why leads were closed, lead to sale conversions, lead sources and the lead pool. It also shows deal information so you can track where deals are.

This will give you a great overview of what is happening within your dealership in terms of leads, sales, communication and more. It will also tell you where your team can improve.

Set Appointments

Never miss appointments with customers with the CX Portal. The CX Portal not only allows you to manage leads but to also set appointments with customers. Appointments can be set and managed with ease. You can view, edit, reschedule and add feedback to appointments within the appointment calendar and keep track of all appointments with customers.  

The system will send out automated reminders 24 hours before the appointment.  If appointments are missed then managers can be alerted, giving you better control over your customer relations.  


With the CX Portal, you will gain access to the lead pool.

This is a treasure chest of general enquires and works on a fastest finger first approach. When a general enquiry on a vehicle is sent, it will land in the lead pool, where dealers can accept the lead and action it, i.e. assign a salesperson, set an appointment etc.  

The lead pool generates hundreds of general enquiries, so it is something not to be missed.

Lead feeds is another great feature. Leads from stock advertising websites are sent to the CX Portal, meaning you can manage all your leads in one place.  

Having all your leads in one place means you can seamlessly manage them, your sales staff, leads they are working on and deals they are handling.

Automated Deal Process

So, you are probably thinking this is great but what about the deal? With the CX Portal, you can link customers to a deal, generate OTPs, quotes and have customers sign documents digitally.This makes the whole process seamless and hassle-free. You can even store all important documents on the system that you can access at any time. 

The Sales Board

The Sales Board gives you a great overview of how far sales people are in the sales process. You can view what deals each staff member is working on, how far they are in the sales process and if they have made any deals.

There is also the Sales Steering Tool, where you can set targets for staff, monitor their progress and more.

So Much More with the CX Portal:

·      Automated SMSs to customers – birthdays, licence disc expiry reminders, appointment reminders etc.

·      SMS Marketing to customer databases.

·      Full BI Reporting Dashboard

Why You Should Make theSwitch to the CX Portal

It Saves Time: The CX Portal will save you time. You can manage leads, appointments, customer communication and more in one place. Employees can share information quickly and ensure leads are actioned.

Stay On Top of It: Instead of dealing with multiple spreadsheets and systems, CX Portal will help you to keep everything organised. You can safely store customer data, know what is happening and whether or not your team is performing.

It’s All Right There: The CX Dashboard provides you with everything you need to know in a glance and all the other features are right there waiting for you. Say goodbye to multiple systems, platforms and trying to put them all together.It is all there is an easy to use format that will push your dealership to the next level.

The CX Portal redefines traditional CRM systems that will benefit your dealership, save you time and money and offers everything you need and more.

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