5 Reasons Your Dealership Needs a CRM System in South Africa

October 29, 2021

Dealerships can gain a competitive advantage by switching to a data and CRM driven marketing system. The trends and demands of the consumers within the automotive industry are changing. It is now more important than ever to have a complete CRM system. A dealership will need just one system that is capable of doing it all.

Automotive CRM system for your dealership

However, there are still many dealerships that are using old, tired and outdated Dealer Management Systems or they are using multiple systems, which in the end wastes money and time.  

Having a dedicated car dealership CRM system can transform your dealership and streamline processes.

Here are the top 5 reasons why your dealership needs a CRM system.  

Increase in Customer Insights

A major benefit of having a CRM system is that it will give you an enhanced consumer insight. With a dedicated dealership CRM, you can create intelligent profiles for customers with information like their age, gender, preferences, income, vehicle interests, buying history and so on.

With this type of information, your dealership can tailor marketing campaigns that in return can boost sales. Personalised communication is a must. With a CRM system, you can send out personalised emails and SMS campaigns. Personalising communications will foster customer loyalty and help to build a connection.

Streamline Your Dealership

A CRM system can save you time and money by streamlining and automating a variety of tasks. A CRM system can send birthday SMSs to customers, licence disc renewal reminders and more.  

A CRM system allows you to manage incoming enquiries. Schedule appointments and follow-ups plus minimise missed deals.Having an effective CRM system means you can manage the whole lifecycle of a customer efficiently.   

Assign Leads

Assign leads with the help of a CRM system. You can assign leads manually or you can set up a round-robin approach where leads are distributed equally among the sales team.

With leads assigned, your sales team can create appointments with customers, send out automated reminders to the customer about the appointments and so on. Your sales team are then on top of the sales process and are communicate to the customers at the right time.

It’s All in One 

If you are tired of having to manage multiple systems then a CRM system is your answer as they are designed to help you to manage communications and customer relations from one single platform.  

An all in one system with automated features ensure that you can efficiently stay connected with customers. You can also manage leads and enquiries that come in to streamline the sales team.

Your ability to covert and even to cross-sell is increased with a CRM system.

Productivity is Increased

Having an effective CRM system in place means that your sales team doesn’t need to waste time searching databases, performing admin tasks or switching from one platform to another.

With everything they need in front of them, your sales team will be more productive. They can easily follow-up with customers, act on new leads and increase the customer experience.  

Are you looking for an automotive CRM system? e-Dealer Portal can offer you everything you need with a simple CRM system. Say goodbye to all your old platforms and have the one solution that does it all. Their CRM system is quick to set-up, easy to use and you will be working smarter.

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