The Top 5 Reasons You Need a Responsive Website for Your Car Dealership

With everything being accessible at our fingertips, users turn to their smartphones and tablets to search and find dealerships. Your website could then influence where they buy their next car from. 

A responsive website works and adapts to all devices and screen sizes. A responsive website performs better in search engines, which is why Google recommends that all websites should be responsive.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 reasons you need a responsive website for your car dealership.

responsive car dealership website

It Will Be Mobile-Friendly 

Search engines prefer mobile-friendly websites. Websites that automatically adjust to fit all screen sizes will rank better.People are no longer sitting at desktops searching for car dealers, but rather searching on the go.  

Users will be more engaged with your car dealership when it works on all screen sizes. They will browse your page and are more likely to send an enquiry.

Usability and Engagement will Increase 

Prospective car buyers now take their time doing research online. They compare dealerships and products. Offering a better user experience on any device will most likely have users revisiting your car dealership website over others.  

You Will Be Seen More

Search engines like responsive websites, which means with a responsive dealership website, you will rank higher in search engines. Your visibility increases, which makes your dealership more accessible to those looking for a car.

This means you can attract new users to your website that could turn into potential sales when you rank higher. 

A Faster Website

Users no longer like waiting for websites to load and if a site takes too long to load they are likely to leave your page and go somewhere else. A responsive website loads faster. Users will then stay on your page, browse and you will stop missing possible sales.  

Have Fewer Bounces

If users leave your website after viewing the first page, this is called the bounce rate. This can be reduced though when you have a professional, fast and clean website that is responsive.

Your online traffic and your sales will greatly improve when your car dealership website is fast loading, designed well and is responsive. When your car dealership website is optimised to the user, they are more likely to stay on your website and browse your cars.

If you are looking to have your website updated or you need a responsive website, then contact the team at e-DealerPortal. They specialise in car dealership websites, giving you a responsive, fast, user-friendly website that will keep users on your page.  

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