5 Things Hurting the Resale Value of Your Car

We all know that new cars depreciate as soon as they leave the dealership floor, but later down the road, you may want to sell your car and it will still have a resale value. 

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When it’s time to sell, you will want to get the best possible price, which means you should avoid these 5 things that can hurt the value of your car.

Not Looking After the Interior and Exterior 

The first impression of your car will stick with the buyer. If you haven’t been looking after the interior and exterior of your car then the value will decrease.  

If you have dings, scratches and so on then this shows that you didn’t take proper care of your car. If the interior of your car is dirty and not looked after then the value will dive. 

Before you put your car up for sale, you should have it repaired and cleaned, so you can give the best impression and hold on to the car’s resale value.

No Service or Maintenance Records 

If you have been taking your car for regular services and maintenance then that’s great, but if you haven’t been keeping a record of this and all the receipts then you may have a hard time convincing potential buyers that you have been taking care of your vehicle.  

You should keep a record of all your service history and receipts for maintenance as this can increase the value of your vehicle. You can even get a better deal on a trade-in when you have this in hand.

Not Keeping Your Mileage in Mind 

Your mileage plays apart in the resale value of your car. Higher mileage is seen as more wear and tear that ultimately lowers the value of your vehicle.

You should try and sell your car before your mileage becomes too high.

Not the Right Parking Spot

You can decrease the value of your car by not parking in the right spot. If you park in the sun or too close to other vehicles then the chances of dings, dents and faded paint increase and your car will lose value.

Having Too Many Add-Ons

Some accessories do enhance the value of your car such as side rubber biddings, door protectors, window visors and so on as they protect the car from small damages. 

However, you shouldn’t go crazy with accessories. When it comes to selling your car, you will not get your money back for these and a buyer won’t want to pay a higher price just so they can show-off.

Also, modifications like adding a louder exhaust system or lowering the suspension will damage your car’s resale value.

Having too many accessories could put buyers off. It is a good idea to keep your car as close to the basic stock car as possible.

If you want to sell your car for the best possible price then you will need to keep it in top condition. You can sell your car through platforms like Drift where you can advertise your car for free or opt to get bids on your car from accredited dealerships.

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