7 Key Vehicle Description Elements That Will Drive Sales

In order for your dealership website to show in search engines, it will need to be fully optimised. An optimised dealership website will improve your search rankings.

One key area that will need to be optimised is the vehicle listings and descriptions. Having optimised descriptions with these key elements will improve your search rankings, sales and you will improve your online reputation.

Let’s take a look at the 7 key vehicle description elements that you need.  

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It Should Engage the Consumer

The content that you write for a vehicle description needs to be engaging. You can engage customers by writing about how the vehicle will fulfil their needs, for instance. When the content looks at consumer expectations, they are more likely to engage and convert.

The Images Need to be Top-Notch

The greatest impact of a vehicle description is the images. Your vehicle listing should have details of specs and price, but customers are often persuaded by how the car looks and feels. Your vehicle description will then need to have high-quality imagery and lots of photos that show different angles of the outside and the inside. If you are using blurry or low-image quality then potential customers are less likely to convert.  

Take Note of the Features

If a vehicle has unique features then these should be on display. You should note them in the description, but should also take photos that focus on these aspects.  

Having the Right Keywords

You will need to have the right keywords in your product descriptions. Using targeted keywords will help you gain traction on search engines. Consumers and search bots can find your page and you will rank higher.

Write It Like A Story

You can write your product description like a story where you are speaking to the consumer. People engage with stories, so you can get the attention of potential customers when you do this and they will stay engaged on your page.  

Testimonials Speak

On your vehicle listing pages, you should include testimonials, ratings and customer reviews from social media etc. Adding positive reviews to your page adds credibility to your dealership and improves your online reputation.

Vehicle descriptions that speak to the customer, include all the necessary info and have high-quality images will improve your search rankings and keep potential customers engaged on your page.  

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