7 Reasons Your Dealership Needs Social Media

October 20, 2021

Social media is a must-have for dealerships. It is another platform that can be used by dealers to show off vehicle stock and services. It can be used to find leads and make sales.

social media for dealerships

Nowadays, customers are more likely to check out your website and social media pages before they head to your dealership.

Having a responsive website and an active social media presence means that potential customers are more likely to engage with your dealership. Having an online presence will foster trust between you and the customer, especially if you have reviews from previous customers or share happy customers.

Here are 7 reasons why your dealership needs social media.  

Reach a Wider Audience

Your social media page is a public space, which means you can connect to both existing and new customers. On social media, you can even reach a wider audience by encouraging users to share posts.

Use Social Media for Content Marketing 

You can post anything on social media from contests to automotive tips to vehicle ads and everything in between. It is even possible to share larger content through links and have customers engage with your brand.

Social Media is a Two-Way Street

Interaction on social media is easy. Customers can reach out to your dealership and vice-versa. You can encourage customers to engage with your dealership through likes, follows and shares.

Customers love to share their experiences on social media and if they have had a great experience with your dealership then they will be inclined to share it, which is like free advertising. You can even build on these good comments by responding, which shows that you appreciate and care about what your customers say.

Build Out the Negative

As much as customers love to share their good experiences they also like to share bad experiences, but you can build on these. A negative comment is a chance for your dealership to turn it around and show any potential customers that you care and are professional.

Thank the customer for bringing it to your attention and explain what steps you will take to resolve the issue. Never show your frustration online, always keep it professional and you can always resolve the matter privately with the customer.

Advertise Your Vehicle Inventory

Social media is a great way for your dealership to show all your current vehicle stock as well as new vehicle stock.

If you are having any specials then show them on social media as these can bring new customers in.

Build Engagement and Loyalty

Users love to see stories, photos and videos. Sharing your dealership story, staff, satisfied customers and anything else can promote engagement, which can build trust too as users will be able to see, learn and interact more with the dealership.  

Use Social Media for Promotion

Social media is the perfect tool for promotion. You can use it for contests and special offers, which can drive more users and engagement. You can use social media to advertise special discounts, sales, contests and so much more.

You can even set up simply surveys to drive engagement and gain customer feedback.

As a dealership, you will need social media. It provides a way for customers to interact with you, you can reach more people and build trust with new customers.

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