8 Easy Ways to Save on Fuel

If you are looking to save money, then you can save on your fuel by following these 8 easy ways to save on fuel.

Plan Where You’re Going 

You need to have a plan in mind of where you are going so that you can avoid traffic and not aimlessly drive around or travel unnecessarily from one place to another. Try to find the best route to the places you need to go to save on fuel.

Don’t Over Indulge on the Air-Con

Your air conditioner can increase fuel consumption by up to 10%, so only use it when you need to and use it sparingly.

Keep the Wheels in Tip-Top Condition

You should check the pressure of your tyres regularly to ensure they are not under inflated and check that the wheel alignment is correct. If the wheels are not aligned correctly it can lead to higher fuel consumption as they cause more friction.

Don’t Weigh Your Car Down

Overloading your car will weigh it down, which results in higher fuel consumption. Remove any unnecessary items from your car to reduce the weight.

Be in the Right Gear 

If you have a manual car then you need to know that driving in a lower gear will use more fuel. Always drive in the correct gear to get the most from your car and the fuel. 

Not the Right Oil 

For your engine to perform optimally, you need to check the oil and be careful of which oil you use. Putting in the wrong oil can cause damage and increase fuel usage, so make sure you use the correct one for your car.

Don’t Push Foot

Speeding will increase your fuel consumption and it is also dangerous to yourself and others on the road, so stick to the speed limit.

Keep Your Car Serviced 

Having your car serviced regularly is vital. Not servicing your car when you need to can cause car parts like brakes, spark plugs, filters etc to wear and will result in higher fuel consumption.

You can save money on fuel and it’s all about how you drive and taking care of your car. Keep money in your pocket and follow these tips to save on your fuel.

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