Air Purification Technology from Jaguar Land Rover Inhibits Bacteria and Viruses by 97%

March 24, 2021

Nowadays, there is more emphasis on hygiene and safety like never before. Many of us believe that our vehicle is a safe haven, which is why it is now vital that they offer us as much protection as possible.

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Jaguar Land Rover has taken note and in response to this new and greater need, they have created a prototype air filtration system that has shown to inhibit bacteria and viruses by 97%.

The prototype ventilation, heating and air conditioning system uses Panasonic’s nanoe X technology. The system is hoped to be used in all future Jaguar and Land Rover cabins giving customers a unique experience, whilst keeping them safe.

Chief Medical Officer at Jaguar Land Rover, Dr Steve Iley said that the wellbeing of their customers is at the forefront and technology can provide the answers.

Perfectus Biomed Ltd, a leading virology and microbiology lab, partnered with Jaguar Land Rover and performed the sealed chamber test, which is a world-leading laboratory test where vehicle ventilation systems are simulated. It creates a 30-minute cycle in recirculation mode. The independent researcher found that bacteria and viruses were hindered by up to 97%.

Active air purification is achieved through nanoe X technology. It creates trillions of Hydroxyl (OH) Radicals through the use of high voltage. These OH Radicals are encased in a Nano water molecule. The OH Radicals get to work by inhibiting the growth of virus and bacteria proteins.

Research Engineer at Jaguar Land Rover, Alexander Owen said that OH Radicals have been cleaning our atmosphere for millennia and are one of the most important natural oxidants in chemistry, which remove pollutants and other harmful substances.

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