Buying a Car? Mistakes You Should Avoid

January 22, 2021

Buying a car is a big purchase no matter if it’s your first car or your third car. If you are looking to buy a car then you may have noticed that the market has changed with higher prices and with new models offered every year.  

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So, what mistakes should you avoid when you are buying a car.

Only Looking at the Monthly

The monthly instalments are one of the first numbers that you are faced with, but this isn’t the only number you need to take into consideration. The monthly instalment is what you will be paying each month for the car, but you need to be aware of any potential extras.

For instance, a balloon payment is a final amount that you will need to pay at the end of the loan period. There are also admin fees to pay and you need to calculate how much you will be paying in car insurance and maintenance.

You will need to factor all these costs in and see if your budget allows for it before you make a final decision.  

Never Say No to a Test Drive

Even though you have done your research and love the car, there are aspects of the car you won’t know by just looking at it. You must always take any car whether it is new or pre-owned out for a test drive. This can tell you a lot about how the car handles and will reveal any potential issues with the car.

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Only Looking for Cars in Your City

You may think that it is logical to only search for cars within your city, but if you look a little further at cars in surrounding cities, you may find a better deal.

In terms of pre-owned cars, some cities will charge higher prices than others due to the level of competition in the city. So, looking a little further could save you money for the same car.  

You can browse hundreds of listings from all over South Africa on sites like Cars2Sell and Café Wheels.  

Not Getting a Better Deal

It is always possible to negotiate a better deal on a car. If you have found your perfect car, but it is slightly over budget or it needs new tyres or something then negotiate it into your offer. If a salesy think that you are willing to walk away from the vehicle if they don’t meet your offer then they will be more willing to negotiate.

Purchasing a car should be fun and exciting. You can avoid buyer’s remorse by being patient and doing all your research. You will need to factor in all costs and don’t be afraid to negotiate.

You can start your car buying journey now by visiting Cars2Sell.

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