Buying a Monthly Car Subscription? Here is What it Will Cost

March 31, 2021

FlexClub is a vehicle subscription marketplace that has recently launched in South Africa. FlexClub will change the way we buy and use cars and consumers can access several popular cars like the Suzuki Swift and Polo Vivo for a monthly fee.

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Tinashe Ruzane, FlexClub co-founder, says that it will be offering a simpler and more flexible model for how people get cars in markets like South Africa and Mexico. Instead of traditional finance, consumers pay per month much like Netflix without the hassles that come with owning or leasing a car.

FlexClub also offers a rewards programme, where members have the chance to earn points and rewards. One reward is earning a discount on the purchase price, so you can save if you decide to buy.  

The entire process is conducted online, with FlexClub delivering the car to your door. As with other subscriptions services, FlexClub allows consumers to swap or cancel the subscription at any time.  

FlexClub doesn’t need a large hold on your credit card, like with the traditional way of renting cars according to Ruzane. With car subscriptions, members are offered flexibility and can swap, cancel or even buy the car at any time.

With FlexClub, you will just pay one monthly fee, which means you don’t need separate insurance etc. This means that it can be a viable alternative to the traditional car loan, where customers are sometimes locked into complicated long-term commitments.

So, what are you able to get at FlexClub and how much will it cost you. Here are some options that are currently available on FlexClub.

You can get the Kia Picanto 1.0  Street for a monthly fee of R4022. A vehicle like the Ford Ecoboost 1.5 Ambiente MAN comes in at R6207 per month. Higher end models like the Audi A3 1.0 TFSI S Edition One will cost you R13 764 a month and a BMW X3 SDrive 20i (G01) will set you back R17 135 a month.

*Prices correct at time of writing.

If you are not convinced by the subscription-based car service, then you can still buy a car the traditional way. You can find top pre-owned vehicles at Cars2Sell. Here you can browse hundreds of listings from all over South Africa in the comfort of your home and find the car of your dreams for a competitive price.

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