Car Maintenance is Getting Easier than Ever with New Tech

June 21, 2021

Car maintenance is getting easier to manage as car technology improves. There are two notable innovations in car tech, which we will take a look at.

Pirelli Cyber Tyres

Through the car’s onboard computer, cyber tyres that are fitted with a sensor will send vital information to the driver.

Information gathered include tyre pressure, temperature, tyre load index and speed rating. The sensors will also tell the driver when they need to change the tyre type, for instance, between winter and summer tyres depending on the conditions.

In racing, better performance can be achieved as drivers can adjust tyre pressure and they will let the driver know when the optimal temperature has been reached for the best performance.

These new sensors are mounted on the tyre and not on the wheel rims, making them more accurate. Data gathered by these sensors is processed by custom-made software, which is then transmitted to the onboard computer system.

The majority of information is relayed to the central display or the car’s dashboard, but some of the data is shared with the car’s electronic system that can then calibrate the car for better safety and ride quality.  

Ford’s AR Car Maintenance

Ford now has new augmented reality technology that is currently being introduced to Ford dealerships in South Africa. Car repair personnel at Ford dealerships will be able to work remotely with Technical Assistance Centre staff to solve complex car repairs.

Dealership technicians use AR headbands that are equipped with a camera, torch, multiple microphones and voice-activated controls, which are powered by RealWear’s AR kits.

Ford technicians will then be able to explain to the Technical Assistance Centre staff what the issue is and receive real-time advice and support.

Technical Assistance Centre engineers at Ford will then be able to use the kits camera to take pictures and provide illustrations remotely, which can then be viewed by the dealership technician in real-time whilst carrying out the repairs.

The system logs all technical repairs carried out on the vehicle to a unified database, which can then be used by other technicians that might be facing a similar issue.

This new AR tech gets rid of the lengthy process of having to send a hard to repair vehicle to a Ford Assistance Centre.

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