Cars2Sell – The Simple Way to Buy and Sell Vehicles Online in South Africa

Selling and buying a car can be a stressful process, you want to get the best value for your car if you are selling and if you are buying a car then you might be unsure of who to trust and if you are getting a good price. This is where Cars2Sell steps in, they have taken the hassle and stress out of selling and buying a vehicle online in South Africa.


Cars2Sell is an innovative platform where you can sell and buy vehicles online in South Africa.

If you are looking to buy a car, then you can browse hundreds of listings and receive competitive pricing, so you are one step closer to getting behind the wheel of your dream vehicle. If you want to sell your car, then you can easily list your car on Cars2Sell and receive maximum exposure.

As a dealership, you can also utilise the Cars2Sell platform my registering with e-Dealer Portal and have your stock advertised to a wider audience.

Using Cars2Sell

Cars2Sell has a user-friendly interface with nothing to hide. Navigation is user-friendly whether you want to buy or sell your vehicle, so let’s take a closer look.

Time to Sell

Selling your vehicle has never been easier. Navigate to ‘Sell Your Car’ on Cars2Sell, where you will then be presented with a form. The form will ask for a few personal details as well as your vehicle details.

sell your car

You will need to fill out this form to the best of your knowledge and don’t forget to upload some pictures of your vehicle. Once, you are happy with the information you have given and of course the price then click submit and your vehicle will be immediately advertised on the site, you will be one step closer to finding a buyer for your vehicle.

Getting the price right for your vehicle is important as you don’t want to sell too cheap, but you also don’t want to overprice your vehicle, which can put off potential buyers. If you are not sure what your vehicle is worth, then Cars2Sell has a nifty ‘Vehicle Valuation’ form.

The ‘Vehicle Valuation’ form is simple to use. Fill out the relevant fields and you will receive the most accurate book value for your vehicle. This will then help you to list your vehicle at a fair price, which will peak the interest of buyers and will definitely help you to sell your vehicle faster.

Thanks to Cars2Sell, it is now pretty straightforward to sell your vehicle online in South Africa. The form only takes a few minutes to fill out and your vehicle will be listed immediately, receiving maximum exposure.

Shift Your Sales into High Gear

If you are a dealership then Cars2Sell also offers a convenient way for you to load your stock and receive maximum exposure for your listings.

When you click ‘Advertise Your Stock’, you will be redirected to the e-Dealer Portal, which is where dealerships will gain full control of their stock. Once signed up, you can start loading vehicles and advertising your stock on 20+ affiliate sites, which includes Cars2Sell. Not only that but you will benefit from a dealer management and a custom CX solution,

The e-Dealer Portal is your ticket to increased sales, targeted advertising, a complete CX solution and more. They are even offering a 1-month free sign up until the end of 2020, so you can try before you buy. If you are interested, then follow the link and sign up today and start shifting your sales into high gear.

But what if you are in the market to buy a vehicle? How does this work? Let’s take a look.

Time to Buy

If you are in the market to buy your dream vehicle, then Cars2Sell offers a safe and secure buying platform, where you can browse hundreds of listings from across South Africa. You will be able to find your ideal vehicle near you.

You can tailor your search by car make and model and by budget making it easier for you to find that car you have been dreaming of.

Navigate to ‘Buy a Car’, where you will see a list of vehicles for sale in a clean and user-friendly interface. Use the left-hand-side selection panel to tailor your search to your needs and wants. It’s that easy and soon you could be driving off in a vehicle that you have always wanted.

When you find the car you have been looking for then click ‘More Details’, you will then be presented with all the details about the car and if you are interested, fill out the form and the seller will be in contact with you ASAP.  

Cars2Sell caters to all South Africans and makes it easy for you to sell and buy a vehicle online in South Africa, so what are you waiting for? Visit Cars2Sell and get behind the wheel of your dream vehicle.

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