Clean Your Car at Home and Save Money

May 4, 2021

If you want to save money or you feel like you want to give your car some love then here are our top tips to wash your car like a pro.

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Tackle the Interior

The first thing you should do, is to remove any rubbish that has piled up in your car that you don’t need or want in your car. Wipe down the dashboard, inside door pockets, steering wheel, cup holders, door handles, indicators etc with a car cleaning wipe. If there are some hard to reach places then you can use a toothbrush or earbud.

Clean the inside of the windows with a microfibre cloth and window cleaner. If you have plastic floor mats then you can hose these down but if you have fabric floor mats then give them a vacuum. Vacuum the inside of your car and make sure you move the seats to get underneath them.

If you have leather seats then you can clean these with an appropriate cloth and leather cleaner.

Take on the Exterior

It is a good idea to rinse your car with a hose first and get rid of any loose dirt and dust. Use a sponge, car soap and water and start cleaning the outside of your car from top to bottom. Once, you have cleaned the whole car, give it another rinse.

You can use a quality car wax with a microfibre cloth to give your car a shine. Use only a thin coat of the wax and move in small circular motions. Once the wax is dry, buff your car with a clean microfibre cloth.

Tips to Keep in Mind

1.    Make sure you wash your car in a place with enough room to move around.

2.    Rub in circular motions to protect the paint and avoid streaks

3.    Clean your car when you know you won’t need it immediately.

4.    Have two buckets. One with soapy water and one with clean water.

5.    Clean your car from top to bottom

6.    Make sure the fuel cap is closed correctly.  

Avoid Doing these Things

1.    Try not to let water seep into any electrical components.

2.    Avoid the battery terminals

3.    Don’t use harsh chemicals

4.    Don’t scrub too hard.

Washing your car at home can save you a trip to the car wash and save you money. It can also be fun to wash your car and once it’s done, you will feel a sense of pride in your ride once again.

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