Did You Know This About EVs?

July 7, 2021

EVs or electronic vehicles are not everyone’s cup of tea, but they are here to stay. Whilst some think these cars are gimmicky they are pretty capable vehicles that can be used everyday.

EVs are more efficient than traditional combustion vehicles, but with load shedding being an issue in South Africa, many are uncertain about getting into EVs. However, here are some interesting facts about EVs.


EVs Have a Longer Range Than You Think 

The range an EV can accomplish is a factor that stops people from investing in EVs, but they have a longer range than you may think. Nissan released a report recently where they claimed that on average European EV drivers travelled 14200km per year, whilst combustion drivers travelled 13800km per year. Top of the range EVs can go even further with the Tesla Model S performance giving a range of 622kms and theFord Mustang Mach-E offering 490km, for instance.

Cheaper options also have a decent range and most EVs offer enough range for daily travel.

A key focus for EV manufacturers is increasing the range, so we can expect affordable models with longer ranges and constant improvements of such.  

EVs Have More Power Than You Think

EVs offer instant torque, which means you will get crazy acceleration from a dead stop. Combustion engines, on the other hand, need to go through several processes first before being able to provide torque. These processes are eliminated in electric motors and as soon as you push the pedal, you will get instant torque.

The Brakes Last Longer

People who drive EVs seldom have to use their brakes due to regenerative braking and when the brake is used, it only has to be pressed lightly. With regenerative braking, the EV motor is used as a generator and any wasted energy from decelerating is converted into stored energy and is stored in the battery. In a Tesla, for example, simply lifting your foot off the accelerator will trigger the regenerative braking.  

You Get a Good Warranty with an EV 

Consumers are offered complete peace of mind as most EVs come with a good warranty. In EVs, the battery is the most critical component and the batteries are covered by comprehensive warranties, like 8 years or 160 000km, for instance. Also, reposts have noted that EVs are cheaper to maintain.

South Africans are Keen on EVs

The R1.2 million Volvo XC40 P8 Recharge was sold out in just four days of going on sale and left buyers in a queue. Volvo South Africa did say later that they only offered 15 units, but the company would be ordering more for buyers that missed out.  

These figures are not substantial, but they do show that several South Africa’s are willing and want to leap into EVs, which will encourage manufacturers and EV infrastructure development.

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