Gain a Marketing Advantage for Your Dealership with Social Media

January 14, 2022

There was once a time where dealerships were able to capture the attention of potential customers through shiny vehicles in the window, but with the digital age, this has all changed. Many consumers are now less likely to walk into a dealership before they have done research online.

car buyers online

The internet is a wealth of information and as with many other industries, car buyers will now turn to the internet for not only information about the car they are interested in but also about your business, deals they can get and so on.

Many consumers are reading reviews, blogs and everything they can get their hands on to learn as much as they can about your dealership and vehicles. This research includes social media.

Dealerships can use social media to their advantage to reach potential customers, promote their business and boost sales. Dealerships that are not engaging with the full force of social media will soon be left behind.

So, what can your dealership use social media for and how can it boost your brand and sales? 

Use Social Media to Promote Content

Dealerships will often send out mailers to their database with stock updates, vehicle offers, discounts and so on. You can increase your audience size by sharing these offers on social media.  

Social media gives you the chance to not only reach your social media following, but also new, potential customers.

Current followers can share or comment on your post, which means that their friends may see it.

The more valuable the content the more it will be shared, so if you are running an offer make sure it is on social media.

You can boost your SEO and social media news feed rankings by posting content frequently. Sites and pages are favoured in search rankings when they are updated often.  

When it comes to social media, you can’t just post for the sake of posting. Posts will need to be valuable and support your goals.  

Use Social Media for Advertisement 

You can reach even more people on social media through paid advertising. Paid ads will reach more people and attract potential customers to your dealership.

You can use paid ads to advertise stock and offers. You can also set them to target your desired audience based on location, interests, demographics and more.

Using ads will extend your dealership reach, increase brand awareness, your social media presence and site traffic.

Use Social Media to Harness Trust and Loyalty 

Having a social media presence and valuable content can foster trust and loyalty for your dealership. 

Also, customers can interact with your dealership and responding to questions, feedback and comments whether positive or negative shows that you care about your customers. 

Use Social Media to Generate Leads 

Your dealership can use social media to generate leads. Leads can be generated through free and paid promotions.

Paid ads should point to your website and vehicle listings. Potential customers will then be on your website, so make sure you have enquiry forms set up. You can capture information and turn leads into sales. 

Here are some interesting statistics on car shopping and social media:

·      According to Think with Google – 92% of car buyers will research online before they buy

·      A 2017 Automotive Shopper Study from Google said that 95% of car buyers will use a digital platform as their source of information.

·      As described in a study in The Business Journals two out of three surveyed customers said they bought a car they found on social media. 87% said that before deciding on a car they would research possible car purchases on social media.

·      75% of car buyers say that online research including social media and reviews, are among the most helpful source of information when choosing a dealership.

·      According to research conducted by Facebook Business – 63% of car buyers discovered new vehicles online. 78% found social media useful when deciding on a new car purchase.

Having an online and more importantly a social media presence can drive traffic, leads and sales. Don’t get left behind, make sure you are utilising social media for your dealership and reaping the benefits.  

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