Get Ready for a Big Increase from the 4th of August

Filling up your tank is getting more expensive as both petrol and diesel are on the rise. We will be seeing an increase of nearly 1 rand per litre for petrol 93 and 95 according to BusinessTech.

petrol price

The new slate levy of 6.58c will also be introduced from the 4th of August adding more pressure to our wallets.

The prices have been influenced by the weakening rand against the US dollar and the average price of Brent crude oil has increased.

The price hikes will come into effect from the 4th of August and will look like the following:

·      Petrol 95 and 93 will have an increase per litre of 91 cents.

·      Diesel 0.05% will increase per litre by 55.58 cents and Diesel 0.005% will increase per litre by 54.58 cents.

·      There is an increase per litre of 50 cents for illuminating paraffin.

So, what will inland motorists be paying per litre from the 4th of August?

·      Petrol 95 will be R18.20 per litre

·      Petrol 93 will be R18.11 per litre

·      Diesel 0.05% will be R15.63 per litre (wholesale)

·      Diesel 0.005% will be R15.66 per litre (wholesale)

·      Illuminating Paraffin will be R9.63 per litre.

Since January, according to the AA, the price of petrol will have increased by 23% and diesel by 20% since the start of the year.

65% per litre of petrol 95 in 2021 is taxes and levies according to Wayne Duvenage, OUTA CEO. The past 10 years has seen a huge increase in tax that it is not sustainable. Based on this, only 35% is the basic fuel price.

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