Guess What…The First Tesla Model X is Arriving in South Africa

February 22, 2021

According to MyBroadband, the Tesla Model X Performance Edition, which is an all-electric SUV is being brought into the country by Rubicon, which is a sustainable technology group in South Africa.

The Tesla will be making its way around the country, visiting several cities along the way for some months as part of a promotional campaign to announce the arrival of theTesla Powerwall in South Africa. 

It is also part celebration as it will also mark the official launch of Rubicon in the electric vehicle charging space.

So, Why are they using the Model X?

The initiative from Rubicon doesn't mean that Tesla cars will be officially coming to South Africa.

The aim is in fact to show and expose South Africans to all-electric vehicles as this is the way that the future is going. They hope to get the ball rolling so that they will be able to achieve this locally.

Greg Blandford, director of Rubicon Energy and E-Mobility said that the arrival of the Model X will give South Africans a chance to get up close to what an all-electric future will look like and to also be able to experience the high performance and technology that electric vehicles have to offer, which is showcased through theTesla Model X.

The Model X was launched in 2015 and was the first SUV to be given a 5-star safety rating across the board from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the US.

The Model X that is making its way to South Africa is the 2020 Performance Edition, which can accelerate from 0-100km/h in just 2.7 seconds and creates 580kW of power. This beast also does the quarter-mile sprint in 9.9 seconds and has a range of 491km with permanent all-wheel drive.

The interior of the Model X also doesn’t disappoint with a 17-inch vertical infotainment, electric gull-wing doors for rear passengers and self-driving capabilities. The interior is simple but feels luxurious.

The Model X comes in a 5, 6 or 7 seater layout and can hold over 2300 litres of cargo.

The Tesla Model X Performance Edition was priced at about $100 000 when it was still new.

So, even though it doesn’t mean that South Africa will be getting Tesla vehicles right now, it does open the doors to lay the foundation for the future of electric cars inSouth Africa and gives us the chance to get up close and personal with these vehicles. But is South Africa ready to embrace an electric future?

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