Hacks that Keep your Car Clean

As much as we would like to get our car washed regularly at the car wash, it is not always affordable and with many of us pulling in our belts amidst these uncertain times, we have found some great hacks to help you to keep your car clean and you don’t need fancy equipment or expensive products. 

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Hacks to Keep Your Car Clean

Just an Old Toothbrush

With just an old toothbrush or an old clean makeup brush, you can get into all the crevices and vents to dust. These make great cleaning tools, that allow you to get into all those hard to reach places.

Has Your Furbaby Left Their Hair?

If your dog or cat has been in the car then it can be a nightmare to keep the seats free from hair. If you are struggling with pet hair in the car and find that you have it all over you after your drive then fill a spray bottle with water and spritz the seats. Use a squeegee to wipe it away.

Give Your Upholstery a Freshen Up 

If you have cloth seats then there is a good chance that will start to smell after a while as cloth absorbs smells. Give them a freshen with a paste of baking soda and vinegar. Rub the paste into the upholstery and rinse with water. Odours will be eradicated and your upholstery will look clean.  

Make the Dashboard Shine

Keep your dashboard looking shiny and new with olive oil. Add just a touch to a cloth and wipe. The oil will supply moisture and the surface will less likely to crack.  

Add A Cupcake Liner 

This is a great little hack. In your cupholders add a silicone cupcake liner. These will gather the dust and also any spills from your drinks.

A Nifty Bin

If you have children or even for yourself, you may want a bin for your car. Use a cereal container and place a plastic bag in it. You can use the bin for all that rubbish that you or your kids leave in the car. This is a great trick as its reusable, easy to clean and you can keep all the rubbish in one place.  

Too Many Bugs Went Splat

Bug splatters can be a pain to get off, but don’t damage the paintwork by scrubbing. Rather spritz a layer of cooking spray on, wait a minute and wipe away with a soft cloth. Your bug splatters will be gone.

It doesn’t have to be a chore to keep your car clean and with these simple hacks, you can have a fresher and cleaner car. If you are planning on selling your car then appearance is everything. A clean car shows you take care of your car and buyers will be more interested.

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