Have you Heard of the e-Dealer Portal?

e-dealer portal

If you are looking for a complete vehicle management portal, then look no further than the e-Dealer Portal. The e-Dealer Portal is a streamlined, innovative and balanced platform where you, as the dealer, can advertise your vehicle stock and so much more.

So, what does the E-Dealer Portal offer? And how do you benefit?

The first thing to note is the advertisement for stock. The e-Dealer Portal offers more than just simple advertising. As a dealership or an individual, you will be able to advertise your stock on over 20+ affiliate sites, that each receives unique visitors, giving you maximum exposure, so you can get your units shifted that much quicker.

With the e-Dealer Portal, you will receive assistance in the advertisement of your stock as well as help with campaign management including social media posts, engaging email and SMS campaigns and website integration.

The e-Dealer Portal allows you to manage, valuate, trade or auction stock and advertise your vehicles to a wider audience all from one platform.

The built-in Customer Experience (CX) solution gives you a complete lead management solution. This means that you will be able to follow up on sales leads, create automated responses to customers as well as reminders for appointments. This can help to drive your sales team and you won’t hear the age-old excuse of ‘the customer didn’t pitch and didn’t let me know’. You will then be in full control of the sales process and know exactly what is happening at every point.

The e-Dealer Portal is easy to use and with the custom CX solution, selling your vehicle stock has just become hassle-free. As you will have complete control, you can manage and load stock as you see fit. If you are sitting with ageing or unwanted stock then the wholesale and trade system will make it easier for you to move these units.

Your customers will also benefit as it will become easier for them to get behind the wheel of their dream vehicle. This is because the e-Dealer Portal will target specific customers on any one of the 20+ affiliate sites.

Amazing right? Just one platform that does it all! Hassle-free selling, an easy to use platform, maximum advertising, complete dealership stock and lead management and so much more.

So, how easy is it really to load a vehicle and start reaping the benefits that the e-Dealer Portal has to offer? Let’s take a look.

How Do I Load a Vehicle on the E-Dealer Portal?

The e-Dealer Portal couldn’t be any simpler.

Visit the e-Dealer Portal and register to use their platform. Right now, they are also offering a 1-month free sign up to the system, with no strings attached, so you can try before you buy.

Once, registered you will gain access to your dashboard, which is where all the magic happens. The layout is simple, easy to navigate and offers a user-friendly interface.

Click the tab for Load Stock and you will have the options to fill out the VIN or MM code, which will then auto populate the vehicle details or you can opt to fill out the fields manually through the use of a drop-down menu. Once, you have filled out all the relevant fields, add some snazzy images and click add vehicle. Your stock item will be advertised immediately.

dealer advertising

Other features within the dashboard, just to name a few, is the management of stock, getting a vehicle valuation and you can enquire about the book value of a vehicle.

The Dealer Dashboard is a useful tool as it will give you an overview of the number of units you have listed, vehicles with the most views and an overview of ageing stock. You will then know what is happening every step of the way, which will assist in making sure that your stock price is competitive.


Features of the E-Dealer Portal

E-Dealer Portal prides itself in offering honest, transparent and exceptional automotive solutions.

Top Features of the E-Dealer Portal are:

  • Advertisement on 20+ affiliate sites, each with their own unique monthly visitors giving your stock maximum exposure.
  • One portal that does it all – management, valuation, auctioning and loading of stock
  • Brand exposure through eye-catching design for social media, email campaigns and websites.
  • A complete lead management system through a custom CX solution that takes the hassle out of selling your vehicles, loading your customer and customer follow-ups.
  • A wholesale and trade system that makes it easier for you to shift your ageing or unwanted stock.

There we have it, the e-Dealer Portal! Your ticket to improved sales, lead management and advertisement.

Advertise your stock on 20+ affiliate sites and shift your sales into high gear from one centralised portal.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up today and receive a 1-month free sign up to the system, with no strings attached and see how easy it is for you to get your sales up and benefit from everything that the e-Dealer Portal offers.

Your complete vehicle management solution!

Get your 1- month free sign up now: https://bit.ly/3gPX9oQ

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