Here is What the My BMW App Offers in South Africa

April 1, 2021

The My BMW app can be used on Android and iOS smartphones and has now launched in South Africa. With the new My BMW app, consumers will be able to find vehicle status information.


Having the My BMW app means you can control certain vehicle features as well as contact your chosen dealership directly with any servicing requirements you may have.

Notable features of the app include a climate timer, BMW maps, charging plan and a filter function to find charging stations.

With the climate timer, you can set your desired interior car temperature before you even get in the car. If you own an electric BMW then the charging plan is a great feature, which gives you an overview of the charging process and with the filter function, you can locate a charging station.

The BMW Maps are now easier to use and you can even send your destination from your phone to your car, making it more convenient.

The app does offer other features and whether you can use them will depend on your vehicles fitted equipment. Other features include remote 3D view so you can monitor your car’s surroundings, vehicle locating and you can lock and unlock your doors from your phone.

BMW said that the BMW Connected app will be replaced by the new My BMW app from July 2021, which will also provide a future proof foundation.

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