Here is What You Need to Know About Trading In Your Car

August 16, 2021

Whether it’s a brand new car or a pre-owned car that you want, trade-in your car to essentially get credit against a car you have your eye on at a dealer. But before you trade-in, here is what you need to know when trading in your car.


What Do They Look at For Value?

Several factors will determine the trade-in value. You can get a ballpark figure of what your car is worth by finding out the book value. However, this will just be an estimate to base offers on as the final offer will be based on:

1.    Brand and model

2.    If you still owe money on it

3.    The service history – have all receipts for service and maintenance

4.    If there are any warranty, service or maintenance plans intact

5.    If you have the items that came with the car like the spare key

6.    How popular the car currently is

7.     Mileage clocked

8.    Year of the car

9.    Overall condition

10.  Colour of the car

11.  Any added extras that do not come standard with the car.

Before you get your car assessed, have any dents or scratches fixed and clean your car. The offer will be better if the overall condition is good.

After the evaluation, the dealer will give you an indication of the trade-in value and it only takes a few hours to have a solid offer presented to you.

Many people think that they will get more money if they sell their car privately, but this isn’t always true as many dealers may have offered more. Different dealers will offer different prices, so you could shop around for the best offer.

Why Should You Trade-In Your Car?

Trading-in at a dealership will take all the hassle out of selling your car as they will handle everything. All the paperwork, outstanding finance, name transfer etc will be handled by the dealer.

If you choose to sell privately then you need to go through the hassle of advertising, meeting potential buyers and having to sort out all the paperwork. Trading-in is safer, easier and you will not have to put yourself at potential risk.

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