How Old is Too Old for a Used Car

If you are looking to buy a used car, then you are probably wondering how old is too old for a used car.

buying an old car

When considering a used car, you will already be saving money as pre-owned cars are cheaper than new cars. When trying to determine how old is too old for a used car, you will need to take into consideration its mileage, safety features, availability of parts and general wear and tear.

Keep in mind that the older the car the more maintenance it will require. Any savings you made on the purchase price could then be wiped out by the maintenance costs. 

How Many Miles Are on the Clock

The mileage of a used car will indicate its general wear and tear. The more miles that a used car has racked up then the more wear and tear it has gone through. It is important to check the service history of a car and see what maintenance has been done.  

A car that is 5 years old but with 70 000km on the clock would then have less wear and tear than a 3-year-old car with 110 000km on the odometer. However, keep in mind that an older car will have fewer features than a newer car.  

Does it Have the Safety You Want?

Older cars will have fewer safety features than newer cars and this is an important consideration when thinking about how old is too old for a used car. Modern cars have several safety features like cruise control, park distance control, reverse cameras and more.

Some safety features like dual airbags were only introduced in 1998 and in 2007 cars had to have stability control. It is then best to look for a used car from the 2000s as these will have some of the safety features that you may want. Of course, the newer the model the better the safety, but the more you will pay.  

Getting the Parts

The older the car the more maintenance it will need, which means you may need to get parts. As cars age, it becomes harder to get the parts, which can then make an older, cheaper car more expensive.

You may find that to get repairs done, parts will need to be imported, which adds to the cost. This makes it an important consideration when looking at how old is too old for a used car.  

The Wear and Tear

The overall condition of a used car will influence your car buying purchase. The older the car the more wear and tear it will generally have. You will need to look at the upholstery, wipers, tyres and so on, to see if you spot any issues. You should also check the panels and paintwork.

An older car may have more wear, but if the owner looked after it then it could still have some good years left in it, especially if the mileage is low for the age.

Buying a used car can be a great way to save some money, but when looking at how old is too old then you need to look at more than the age. You need to check the overall condition, mileage and soon to get a true picture as to whether the used car is a good buy or one that is going to cost you a lot down the road.

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