How to Avoid Scratches on Your Car and When Should You Claim

One thing that we can rarely avoid on our cars is scratches and the value of your vehicle will be influenced by these scratches.

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Top Tips to Avoid Scratches

You will never be able to completely avoid picking up scratches, but you can reduce the chances with these top tips.

Be Careful When you Wash the Car

When you wash your car, you need to be careful. Hose your car off first to get rid of any dust or dirt that could scratch your car. Once, hosed, wash your car, but to avoid scratches use high-quality cloths.

Park a Bit Further Away

It is best to park just a bit further away from a shopping centre, instead of going for that spot right outside. This is because there will be more people and trollies around your car if you are just outside the shop, which means you have a higher chance of getting scratches. Also, if a parking spot seems a bit tight, rather choose another one.

It’s Not a Table

Some of us like to use our car as a table and put things on top of it, but you really shouldn’t. Never put keys, coffee or anything else on top of your car.

Practice Your Parallel Parking 

With parallel parking, no one can park next to you and even though many of us hate having to parallel park, we should practice it to avoid scratches.  

Watch Out for Weather

Your car is not invincible, so be careful about leaving it in the weather. Rain, hail and even hours of sunshine can damage the paintwork and lead to scratches. If you can, rather park your car undercover.

Should You Claim for Scratches

Scratches and dents will need to be fixed immediately as even the tiniest of scratches can lead to bigger issues like rust.

However, you shouldn’t claim for all these incidents. If you have a small dent or scratch rather pay from your pocket instead of claiming from insurance. Keep in mind that your insurance premium will go up the more you claim, so rather save for small fixes and only claim for big issues.

It is a terrible feeling to find a scratch on your car, but get them fixed as soon as you can to avoid bigger issues down the line.

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