How to Avoid Scratches on Your Car and When Should You Claim

May 3, 2021

Scratches and dents will happen to your vehicle and there is nothing worse than a nasty scratch or tiny scratches that can influence your vehicle value.  

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Here is how to avoid scratches to your vehicle.

Top Tips to Avoid Scratches

It’s pretty much impossible to avoid scratches on your car, but you can reduce the risk of picking up these scratches.  

Be Careful When you Wash the Car

Before you take a sponge and bucket to your car make sure you hose it off first. You need to give your car a rinse to remove any dust and dirt that can scratch your car. Also, use high-quality cloths to avoid any scratches.

Park a Bit Further Away

Instead of going for the parking spot closest to the shopping centre rather park a bit further away. The more cars, shopping trolleys and people around your car the higher the chances of you picking up a scratch or two. Also if the spot is a bit tight, choose another one, you don’t want your neighbour to bang their door into your car.  

It’s Not a Table

If you have the habit of putting things on top of your car, then it’s time to change it. You should never put your coffee, keys or cell phone on top of your car.  

Practice Your Parallel Parking 

Many of us will avoid parallel parking if we can but remember that no one can park next to you, which means no one can scratch your car.

Watch Out for Weather

Exposing your paintwork to the elements will cause scratches, whether it’s rain, hail or hours of sunshine. Keep your car undercover and protect it from the weather that can cause dents and scratches.

Should You Claim for Scratches

You should have scratches and dents fixed ASAP. This is because even a small scratch can lead to debris and moisture build-up on your car, which can result in rust.

If you have picked up small scratches or dents then you should rather pay for these from your own pocket, instead of claiming from insurance. The more that you claim, the more your insurance premium will go up. You should only claim for big problems and use your savings to fix small issues on your car.

It is a terrible feeling to find a scratch on your car, but get them fixed as soon as you can to avoid bigger issues down the line.

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