Key Features that Every Dealership Website Needs

December 13, 2021

The majority of car buyers will turn to the internet for research before they make a trip to a dealership, which means you will need a dealership website. On average, buyers use to visit about 5 dealerships before they made a purchase, but now they will only visit about 2 dealerships. This makes your dealership website the first point of contact.

dealership website

Your dealership website will need to work hard to try and make a sale for you. Your website will need to drive traffic, capture leads and promote sales.  

If you want your dealership website to work for you then it will need to have key features to drive customer engagement.

Here are key features that your dealership website will need.

Have More Than a Basic Search

Choosing a car to buy can be quite daunting for customers as there is so much choice. Having a basic search functionality for your listings isn’t going to be enough to keep potential customers on your website.

Customers want to be able to narrow down their search options as much as possible to lead them to the right car. Your listings search functionality should allow customers to filter by brand, trim, colour, body type, KMs and so on.

Having an advanced search functionality will add value to your website and will keep potential customers on your website for longer.

If customers find they don’t have a way to narrow down their options they are unlikely to stay on your website as they will need to browse hundreds of listings.

 With advanced searches, you can offer customers targeted results that can convert to sales.

All the Vehicle Details Should Be Included

As there is more choice of vehicles within a single price range, customers are likely to find a few options that have the same features. The options may have small differences, but these smaller details will influence the final decision.

You must include all the vehicle details on your dealership website listings. Having a vague or incomplete detail will irritate customers and could drive them away from your dealership. 

Keeping the Inventory Up to Date

It can be difficult to keep inventory up to date, especially if you are advertising stock on multiple platforms. However, it is vital that you do, so that you don’t have to tell customers that a car they wanted is no longer available.

You should use a dealership management system that will help you to sync all your stock automatically across all online platforms that you are using. With the e-Dealer Portal, you can load stock once and have it feed to multiple platforms, ensuring that your stock is up to date across all platforms.

How the Vehicle Looks Online

You will need to have photos of the vehicles that you are selling. These photos could impact whether a car will be sold or not. If customers find a couple of vehicles that they like, which are similar in spec, then the choice will come down to which one looks the best.

You will need to have quality photos and quite a few of them to give the best visual impression of the vehicle on both desktop and mobile.

Having bad quality photos or no photos will leave the customer with more questions about the vehicle and the condition, which can drive them away from your website.

When taking photos of your stock, you need to ensure that the car is clean as well as the surroundings. You can use a background removal tool like the one that e-Dealer Portal offers that will showcase your vehicles and brand in the best possible way. You can even add your dealership logo to the images.

car finance calculator

Customers Like to Know What It Will Cost

Buyers like to know more or less what a car will cost them and they like to know the affordability before they enquire. A key feature on your dealership website should be a car finance calculator. 

You can even attract people to your website with a car finance calculator. Customers could be searching for such a tool and find your website, which will then lead them to your vehicles.  

Make It Easy for Them to Contact You

As your website is working hard to attract buyers they will need an easy way to get in touch with your dealership. Your website will need detailed contact information including contact forms so that potential buyers can send an enquiry at any time of day, even when the dealership is closed.

Include Information about Your Dealership

Creating trust between your dealership and customers can be difficult within the online space. However, you can build legitimacy, trust and credibility by adding photos of your dealership, a dealership profile like the history, a team page and so on.  

Your Website Must be Mobile Friendly

There is a good portion of online users that will use their mobile phones to browse the internet. This means that potential customers are using smaller screens to research, view and make enquiries.

Your dealership website and its features will need to be optimised for smaller screens and be responsive on all devices.

Customers will exit websites that don’t work on their mobile devices, so you could be losing out on leads when you don’t have a responsive website.

If you are looking for a dealership website or want to improve your current website then the e-Dealer Portal has you covered.With an in-house team of website designers and developers, they can include an array of features whilst giving you a good-looking website that is fully responsive.

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