South African Drivers Need to Be Ready for Change

May 24, 2021

According to BusinessTech, who quoted Fikile Mbalula Transport Minister, there will be many major changes to road rules and initiatives that are set to improve the driving experience in South Africa and motorists need to be ready. 

At a recent budget presentation, Mbalula outlined four big changes that the Department of Transport is working on and they aim to roll these out across the country.

Increase in Operating Hours at Licence Testing Centres

Following several complaints from members of the public, there will be an increase in operating hours at licence testing centres.

Mbalula said that this is to improve the service delivery and enhance the efficiency and functioning of such centres.

On top of extended hours, they also want to improve the technology they use to eliminate queues and to have an online interface that optometrists can use to upload eye test results.

Aarto Rollout

The biggest change will be the rollout of Aarto which is set to take place in the coming months.

Drivers will have a points total allocated to their driver’s licence, when a driver breaks the law or commits a traffic infringement, points will be added to the total. If the points reach a certain total in a period then they will be barred from driving.

If a driver has multiple suspensions then it can lead to a driver’s licence being cancelled altogether.

Increase in Traffic Police

Mbalula has said that they aim to increase the presence of traffic police on local roads. They also aim to change it from a regular job to a 24/7 job.

Body Cams

The department also plans to introduce body cams that must be worn by traffic police.

The introduction of body cams will help to gather evidence as well as the interaction between motorists and officers according to Mbalula.  

Motorists need to be aware of these changes that are coming and know where they stand on the roads.

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