Start Your Car With Your Phone…BMW Introduces an Advanced Smartphone Car Key

February 11, 2021

The BMW iX is a beloved car and important to the German carmaker. The iX is packed with new and innovative technologies and one of these in the new BMW Digital Key Plus.

This feature is available to those that have an iPhone and allows drivers to unlock and start their car with their iPhone. This should be introduced to South Africa sometime in 2022.


With this true smartphone integration, Apple users can unlock their BMW iX by simply tapping their phone against the door handle. Placing the iPhone into the smartphone tray and pushing the start button, will ignite the engine.

This feature is accessible for up to five people. There is also a nifty feature that will restrict power, the top speed and the radio’s maximum volume, so young drivers can’t get too carried away. This can be accessed through your iPhone or the inside of your car.

With this technology, you won’t need to worry about carrying your car key to lock, unlock and start your car. In fact, you don’t even need to have your iPhone out to do it. It works even when your iPhone is in your pocket or bag.

However, the key is not gone altogether, but it does add an extra convenience if you are not sure where you have misplaced your key. So, gone are the mornings of running around trying to find your car key, when you are already late.

BMW has not announced if this will be available to Android users yet.

We expect the smartphone feature sometime in 2022, but is South Africa ready for this tech-savvy change?

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