The 3 Suzuki Models that Show Why This Brand is Selling

January 19, 2021

Suzuki is a popular brand in South Africa and since its introduction in 2008, its success has only been growing and here are 3 models from Suzuki that show exactly why this brand sells.


First Time Buyer? Here is a Car for You

The Suzuki S-Presso has been recently introduced and even though it’s boxy on the outside, it’s curvy on the inside. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and whilst the S-Presso looks interesting from certain angles, it’s not the best-looking car.

With looks aside, the car is solidly engineered and even though this is a budget car, quality and engineering haven’t gone by the wayside.

The S-Presso offers a comfortable ride and the drive is probably one of the best in its segment.

The compact car has a 1.0 litre three-cylinder12 valve petrol engine with a five-speed manual gearbox. The S-Presso has bite when you need it and offers a little pep.

If you are a first-time new car buyer then the S-Presso won’t disappoint. The standard features are enough to keep you safe and connected and the large touchscreen audio system is a pleasure to use allowing you to play all the best hits, take calls and listen to incoming messages without needing to look at your phone.

Suzuki says that the car will use 4.9l/100km.All S-Presso models come with a 2 year or 30 000km service plan and a warranty of 5 years or 200 000km.

The S-Presso is well built and a little quirky. As a first-time car buyer, the S-Presso offers value for money and will put a smile on your face every time you drive it.

Are You Hot Hatch Fan? Here’s a Suzuki for You


If you are a hot hatch fan then you can’t go wrong with the Swift Sport that is priced quite fairly and the manual Swift Sport is definitely a performance bargain.

The automatic version is a fun drive that handles well, but it just lacks that sharp feeling that you get with the manual version.

Hot hatch prices are the rise when you look at cars like the Renault Trophy’s, Honda Type Rs and Audi S cars, but the Suzuki Swift Sport brings a lot to the table for a very reasonable price.  

In terms of power, you get enough with a turbocharged 103kW and 230Nm. Once you are going and in boost, the performance is delivered smoothly. Suzuki says that it will use 6.1l/100km in a combined cycle, but expect a little more if you plan on taking advantage of the performance potential.

The Swift Sport comes with the 5 year or 200 000km warranty and a service plan of 4 years or 60 000km.

The Suzuki Swift Sport is compact, fun and comes with a degree of pedigree.

Need a Car for an Adventure? Then the Jimny Is for You


The Jimny has gained traction over the years as a city car that can climb, making it perfect for those that work in the city but love a good adventure.

The Jimny’s performance off-road is one to be admired. The new Jimny with its 1.5 litre four-cylinder engine is quieter than its predecessors when driving in the city.

At the top of the range is the GLX AllGrip that is packed with features including LED headlights and Android Auto andApple CarPlay support. However, the GA and the GLX both can tackle off-road like a boss.

Space is not the best in the Jimny with almost no boot space when the rear seats are up, but as a two-seater, it’s perfect for adventure gear.

As an adventurer, the Suzuki Jimny is fun, light on fuel and is perfect for both city gallivanting and off-roading.

The Suzuki Jimny comes with a 4 year or 60 000km service plan and the 5 year or 200 000km warranty.

Suzuki is a popular brand that has gone from strength to strength in South Africa. Their cars are priced well and there is something for everyone that offers performance, a comfortable ride and quality.

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