The Baby Boomer Generation…What Cars are They Driving?

December 21, 2020

Age and lifestyle don’t necessarily determine the cars we buy and the baby boomer generation prove that. You may think that because this generation is getting older they rather opt for practical cars that aren’t trendy or pack a punch, but this isn’t true.The baby boomer generation is after sports car, luxury cars and yes, some still want a car that is a little plainer.

So, what are the most popular cars among the baby boomer generation?

pre-owned car

They Love Sports Cars

The kids of the baby boomers are all grown up, which means they are now able to ditch the practical SUVs, minivans and sedans and go for the sportier options. You may still want something that you can take your grandkids to the zoo in, but you are probably looking for something that is more fun than practical. And what is more fun than a sports car?

A popular choice is the Porsche 718 Boxster as it offers comfort and plenty of features giving you a pleasurable and fun driving experience compared to smaller sports cars like the Lotus Elise.

The Porsche is not the only sports car to make the list as the Ford Mustang also seems to be a popular choice among the baby boomers.

With these cars, performance is key, but baby boomers also want a sports car that offers space and comfortability.

Baby Boomers Haven’t Strayed from Comfort and Luxury

Luxury cars also make the list for baby boomers like the BMW X5. This is an attractive option as luxury and style aren’t sacrificed. If you opt for the M trim level then the performance will blow your mind and you will probably forget that you are driving an SUV altogether. Another popular choice is the Volvo XC40, which is a luxury vehicle that gives a smooth ride with performance behind it.

Luxury cars are second to sports cars for the baby boomers. Luxury cars are generally more expensive, but with the kids gone, you might just be able to afford to splurge a little.

You can also opt to go the pre-owned route, which will give you more options at competitive prices. Start your buying journey at Premium Mobility.  

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