The Most Sought After Used Cars in South Africa

April 2, 2021

In six months, data captured after 276 million searches by AutoTrader, ending in December 2020, showed that average mileage, model and price for pre-owned cars sold were 70 429km, 2016 and R312 794 respectively.

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For the first time,Consumer Intent or inquiries on vehicles was introduced in the 2020 AutoTrader Bi-Annual Car Industry Report and proved to be a key indicator in the sales funnel.

According to AutoTrader, the top three most inquired about brands were Toyota, Volkswagen and BMW and represented 37% of all buying intent by consumers. However, when comparing the intent of consumers and what they actually inquired about, in the end, there is some large differences.

For instance, Toyota was fourth for searches, but moved to first for inquiries and Porsche went from ninth to not making the inquiries list.

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The top searched brands were:

1.    BMW with 35 274 027 searches

2.    Mercedes-Benz+ AMG with 33 994 234 searches

3.    Volkswagenwith 32 922328 searches

4.    Toyotawith 29 273 196 searches

5.    Audi with 19 886 639 searches

6.    Ford with 18 091 738 searches

7.    Land Rover with 10 156 792 searches

8.    Hyundai with 7 779 534 searches

9.    Porsche  with 7 081 534 searches

10. Nissanwith 6 871 466 searches 

On AutoTrader, the top 10 most inquired models contributed 28% of all inquiries. The Toyota Hilux was the most inquired about model and the Ford Ranger was the top sold pre-owned car and the Volkswagen Polo came in third.  

Here are the top 10 most inquired about models.

1.    Toyota Hilux

2.    Ford Ranger

3.    Volkswagen Polo

4.    Mercedes-Benz C-Class

5.    BMW 3 Series

6.    Volkswagen Golf

7.    Toyota Fortuner

8.    Volkswagen Polo Vivo

9.    BMW 1 Series

10. Isuzu KB

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