Tips to Help Your Car Age Gracefully

January 21, 2021

The moment you drive your car off the floor it begins to depreciate. The value of your vehicle does depend on the mileage, however, your daily driving habits and the cars general condition will play a part.  

You can help your car to age gracefully with these tips.

Regular Maintenance and Service

To ensure optimal performance, reliability and efficiency, you should take your car for regular maintenance and service. The owner’s manual will tell you how often, you should have the car serviced plus other information like the best fluids for your car and the recommended tyre pressure.

Lubricate the Engine

Over time, the engine will consume all its oil, which means it will need to be replaced at regular intervals. Changing your oil when needed will help to keep your engine clean, cool and lubricated, which will help to slow down premature wear.

Use the Pedals Kindly

Slamming the brakes or pulling away too fast can hurt the suspension of the car. Using the pedals aggressively will create a shorter lifespan for your suspension and will lead to early replacement and maintenance.  

Rotate to Avoid Uneven Wear

As per your owner’s manual, tyres will need to be detached and refitted in different position at regular intervals to reduce uneven wear and tear on the threads. This will help to prolong the life of the tyres. It is advised that tyres are switched diagonally.

Potholes Can Cause Havoc

Potholes can cause major issues with your car so avoid them or go slow over them to avoid damage. Potholes can cause damage to your suspension, tyre rims and exhaust pipe, which can be expensive fixes.

Give Your Car a Polish

Dirt and dust can damage the exterior of the car, so you should wash your car regularly. Giving your car a polish can help to remove grime and salt and will leave your car clean and shiny. It will also protect the paint from rust.

Park Where the Weather Can't Get You

Always try to park undercover in public places as this will limit the exposure to weather damage. When at home park your car in a garage to avoid sun damage, as the sun can cause body paint fading and chipping. It will also protect your car from hail and other disasters like tree branches falling.

Don’t Put Too Much in the Boot

Heavy loads can take its toll on your car. The more you put in your car then the more fuel you will use.Also, exceeding the recommended weight for your car will put extra pressure on the braking, suspension and exhaust systems.

Just One Trip

If you have errands, then you should try and do these in a single trip. When you make frequent short trips in a day, your car will not be able to reach its full operating temperature. This means that the engine doesn’t become properly lubricated from the oil and the components will be under more stress.

Watch Where You Rest Your Hand

Many of us will rest our hand on the gear stick, which is bad for the transmission. When resting your hand on the gearstick, you will be adding stress to the selector fork, which can cause premature wear.

These simple tips can help you to maintain and preserve your car and its performance for as long as possible.If the motor warranty on the car has expired, then you definitely need to keep on top of the basics.

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