Top 4 Factors When Choosing a Pre-owned Car

January 18, 2021

There is a growing popularity among South Africans to buy a pre-owned car instead of a new car.When it comes to pre-owned cars, we tend to go towards the brands that we love and trust.

pre-owned car

Here are 4 deciding factors when choosing a pre-owned car.

The Colour You Want

The most popular colour choice for a car is white and it’s not surprising as this is a practical colour. White cars have lower maintenance as it is harder to see any blemishes on white paint.

Other popular colour choices are grey and silver and one of the most unpopular colour choices is black because it’s not very practical and with the South African sun, every blemish can be seen.

What’s Your Style and Shape? 

The top choice in South Africa when it comes to shape preference on pre-owned cars is the hatchback. Hatchbacks are a popular choice because they look good, are small, economical and nippy, which allows you to nip around town quickly.

In a close second is the sedan as they are practical family cars. Sedans have plenty of room for the kids and the boots are bigger making it perfect for shopping bags, kids’ stuff and more.  

Even though hatchbacks and sedans are more popular than SUVs, SUVs are still desired, but the price and fuel are the biggest deciding factors. SUVs on average are more expensive, but they are practical cars with plenty of space. If your budget allows, you might be able to find a pre-owned SUV at a bargain.

What Can I Resale it For? 

One factor that should be at the forefront is the resale value. The best used cars are those that are economical and easy to maintain. These type of cars will usually draw buyers as they hold the highest resale value even as they get older.

The factors above like shape, colour and style will also play a part in the car’s ability to hold a good resale value.

What’s Your Top Brand?

As a car buyer, you will already have certain brands in mind as these are the ones you are attracted to and they are brands that you know and trust. When it comes to pre-owned cars, you will usually be able to find a variety of used cars. You can get a great deal on your favourite brand and could even find the model you want.

Certain brands are seen as more reliable, economical and easier to maintain than others, which is what draws buyers towards them.

Buying a pre-owned car can be overwhelming, but you can now buy your next pre-owned car online in South Africa. With safe and secure sites like Cars2Sell, you can browse hundreds of listings from all over South Africa on desktop and mobile. If you have certain deciding factors like the ones above then you can easily filter your search by make and model, making it easier for you to find your next dream car.

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