Top Reasons to Have a Simple Car Dealership Website

Top Reasons to Have a Simple Car Dealership Website 

Creating an online presence can be difficult, especially for dealerships as there is a lot of competition. Dealerships need a website and not just any website, it needs to be professional, clean and responsive that engages users.

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Of course, you will want your website to stand out, but that doesn’t mean you should throw everything onto your website and clutter it with images, texts and other such things.  

Simplicity is best for a car dealership website. The design shouldn’t overwhelm the user.

So, why should your dealership website be simple? Here are the top reasons. 

It Can Be Scanned 

Users no longer have the patience or the time to read lengthy text. As soon as they land on your website, they want to instantly know what you offer and navigate quickly all within a short scan.

If they can’t find what they are looking for almost instantly then they will most probably leave your site and look elsewhere.

Your website then needs to cater for the scanner and a simple car dealership website is easy to scan. Web crawlers will also find a simple website easier to scan in a short amount of time.

By making your car dealership website simple, you will receive an increase in traffic, repeat users and they will stay on your website longer as they can quickly find what they are looking for.

The Experience is More Positive

Through easy navigation and simple design, your website can create a positive user experience.

Your homepage can speak loudly of your business without it being cluttered. The homepage should be simplified with segmented text content that focuses on the main points. This makes your homepage content easy to read and understand.

You will want users to engage with you, but that doesn’t mean you should litter your homepage with calls to action. Rather limit these and have them focus on the main tasks.

No More Pushy Feeling 

There are a many car dealership websites that use flashy and complicated designs that can give users a pushy feeling. If users don’t like what they see or feel they are being pushed into taking up your sales pitch then they will most likely leave the site and go somewhere else.

As they say, first impressions are everything, so avoid the pushy feeling with a simple website with naturally flowing calls to action that will make users want to engage with your website. 

It Will Become Faster

Just like users don’t like reading lengthy texts, they also don’t like waiting for websites to load. If a website is taking too long to load, then users won’t wait. They will just goto the next website. You have then lost that user and potential customer to the competition.

Your car dealership website will load faster when the design is simple. Not only will your website load faster, it will also reduce the bounce rate, improve the user experience and your SEO will be improved.

Your Conversion Rates Go Up 

Conversion rates are greatly improved through a simple website design because users can quickly scan, understand, navigate and are more likely to engage with your calls to action. This means you can improve your sales.

So, if you need to give your website a makeover or need a website for your car dealership, then get in touch with the team at e-Dealer Portal. They specialise in creating car dealership websites and can help to transform your website into one that converts.

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