Top Tips for Online Car Selling

Selling your car online is convenient. There are numerous car advertising platforms out there, but before you hurry off to list your car for sale you can make the most of online listing with these 11 tips.

sell your car online

Know the Specifics

Details that you will need to have are the make, year, model, KM, engine type, VIN and the gearbox type. Other important details that you should take note of in your ad is whether the car has any optional extras and special features like navigation, Apple CarPlay, a sunroof and so on.  

It’s About Impressions

To attract potential buyers, your car needs to look its absolute best.

Before you start taking photos, check your car for any minor damages that can easily be fixed and have your car cleaned in and out.

You will have an easier time getting your asking price when your car looks its best.  

Time to Advertise

There are several advertising platforms out there, but where you choose to list your car should give you the most exposure. Platforms like Drift, for instance, allow you to list your car for sale on over 20 platforms for free, which means you can reach more people and possible buyers.  

Give As Much Information As Possible

You will often have a place where you can include a description of your car and you should use this to its full potential. A vague description of the car won’t attract the right type of buyers if any at all. You should give as many details of the car as possible and can even include your personal opinion about the car and how it drives.

Pictures – Quality and Quantity

Pictures speak a thousand words and when you are listing your car for sale online, you will need to ensure that you have high-quality pictures that show every aspect of the car.

Show the interior, exterior and highlight the features of the car. The more pictures you have the better. 

Upload a Video

If the advertising platform you are using allows you to upload a video then do it. This will attract buyers to your ad. Have a video that shows a 360 of the car, shows the features and you can narrate about the car as you take the video which reinforces the vehicle’s description.  

Pricing is Everything

When it comes to selling your car, price is important. You can get your car’s trade and retail values, which you can use as a guide for pricing your car.

Also, have a look at what similar cars to yours are going for online as this will give you a good indication of the market.

If you are happy to negotiate on price then it could be a good idea to price it just above what you are willing to take for the vehicle. If negotiation is not your strong point then rather price your car at a reasonable price and stick to it.  

Most buyers will go in looking to negotiate, so be ready for this.  

Answer Everyone

Once, you have listed your car for sale, you may receive phone calls, texts and emails from interested buyers. You shouldn’t ignore any of these enquires and at all times you will need to be patient and polite as you answer questions and so on.

Being responsive will help you to sell your vehicle faster and will be appreciated by potential buyers.

Get the Papers Ready

You never know when you might make the sale, so ensure that you have all the paperwork like the service and maintenance records, title and registration on hand and ready.  

Trust Your Instincts

There is an element of risk involved when advertising and selling your car online. You can’t trust everyone that contacts you. However, you can use the internet to research potential buyers. Take a look at their social media accounts etc. If anything feels a bit off about the deal then rather wait for the right buyer.

Don’t Meet Alone

You shouldn’t meet potential buyers alone or at your home. Rather meet in a public place and take a friend or family member with you. You will need to take all the necessary precautions. Also, never hand over the keys until the money has cleared.  

Listing your car for sale online is a great way to get exposure for your vehicle and attract potential buyers. With Drift, you only need to upload your car once and you can advertise it for free across 20+ platforms.

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