Top Tips to Take Care of Your Car in Winter

May 24, 2021

Winter is here and it is expected that this winter will be colder than usual and in some parts of South Africa, there will be above average rainfall. Here are some top tips to get your car ready for the winter ahead.

Check the Wipers

Check your windscreen wipers and ensure they are in good condition and if you need to replace them. Having good visibility during any season is vital. 

If Things Get Frosty

If at night, your car stands outside then you may get a layer of frost on the windscreen in the mornings.

You can use the air conditioner or heater to demist the interior and this will also help melt the ice. If you do have frost, you can also pour cold water over it, but don’t use hot water as this could crack your windscreen.  

Once all the windows are clear, you can start driving. If the temperature outside is cold then your windows may fog up but you can use your air conditioner and heater to defog them.

Check your Tyres

Worn tyres are dangerous regardless of the weather but in wet and icy conditions, they can be even more dangerous. Replace the tyres if the threads are less than 1.6mm deep. 

Changes in temperatures affect your tyres and tyres that aren’t inflated correctly can impair your vehicles braking, grip and they will lead to higher fuel consumption. Check the pressure every two weeks to ensure they are inflated correctly.

Make Sure Your Car is Running Smoothly

Keep up with regular services as per the manufacturers’ recommendations. When you have your car serviced they will check the oil, lights, battery, brakes and so on, making sure your car is running smoothly.

Practice Safe Driving in Winter

If the temperature drops below zero then you need to be aware of icy roads and drive carefully and allow for longer braking distances. Ice is not always visible like black ice, so if you hit some then maintain your speed and keep your steering wheel straight and use your gears to slow down if you can.

The days are shorter in winter so you might be driving to and from work in the dark, so put your lights on.

If you are driving through fog then use your fog lights and not your bright lights.

It is best to avoid driving in bad weather like extreme cold, fog, rainstorms and strong winds. If you have to drive then allow for extra time, so you can drive slower and defensively.

It is set to be a cold winter so make sure you and your car are ready.

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