Trading in your Vehicle? Here are Our Top Tips

Trading in your Vehicle? Here are Our Top Tips

If you are looking to trade-in your car then there are a few things that you need to know.

You will need to do a lot of research if you want to get a good deal when trading in your car. When you trade-in your car for a newer car, you are essentially getting a discount on the new car purchase.


Here are our top tips for getting a good deal when you trade-in your car.

Get a Book Value Online

If you are not sure what your trade-in is worth then you can request a car trade-in value.These will give you the book value for your car and will give you an idea of what your car is worth. You can use sites like Cars2Sell to find out the book value of your trade-in.

Choose the Best Deal

Once, you have the book value, you will find that different dealerships will offer you different prices. This means you will need to shop around to find out what different dealers are willing to offer. You can then choose the best offer for your trade-in.

What is Your Car Trade-In Value

The quote you receive online will only be a rough estimate, so you will need to get a real valuation for your vehicle. The automotive industry uses book values, but these are just a starting point for reference. The trade book value is used as a guide to determine the retail book value.  

Is Your Car Popular

Some cars are more popular than others, which make them easy sellers. Certain makes and models will be easier to sell than others. The type of car you have down to the colour can influence the trade-in value of your car.

Sell Your Car for Cash? 

The issue with trade-ins is that most dealers will only take your trade-in if you buy your next car from them. Your other option is to sell your car for cash and then use the cash to buy or use as a deposit on your next vehicle. This will also give you leverage and you will be able to negotiate a better discount on your new car purchase.

Also, with cash in hand, you have more choice and won’t be locked into only buying from a certain dealer.

Trading-in your car has limitations, but with cash in your pocket, you will have plenty of choices. With Cars2Sell, you can sell your car online through their platform and also buy your next dream vehicle from reputable dealers and sellers.

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