What Does Your Car Reveal About Your Personality

December 22, 2020

Many of us will buy a car because of the price or the brand, but do we choose a car based on our personality? The answer is yes and your choice in car can reveal somethings about our personalities.

Let’s take a look at what your car choice says about you.

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What Does the Type of Car Say?

The type of car we choose is usually based on our lifestyle.


If you are an on the go type of person then a hatchback probably suits you. Your main focus is from getting from A to B and being practical in your choices.


If you prefer a sedan then you are more about comfort and space, but you still want to look good. You are slightly obsessed with expensive brands and status and you want your car to reflect that.  


If a convertible is more your speed then it shows that you are a go-getter and you want to live your life to the fullest. You have a comfortable life and like to be in the fast lanes and are always looking for the next adventure.


If an SUV is your typeof car then you don’t like to be restricted whether it’s in your job or where you live. You prefer cars that are both luxurious and spacious. You love taking road trips and finding the next adventure.


When you think minivan, you think mom car, but this not the case nowadays. The minivan could mean that you are a parent with a big family or you are thinking about having lots of kids or even pets. You probably have a fast-paced life with very little time for yourself.  

Sports Car

If a sports car is your type of car then you would probably live in it if you could. You love to drive just to drive. You have a youthful zest for life and are a risk-taker.

What Does the Brand Say?

If you are loyal to a certain brand or are attracted to a certain brand then here might be why.


If Volkswagen is your brand then it says that you are a creative and imaginative person who is young and trendy. Your car is an extension of you with a boot full of belongings.  


A BMW shows that you are a success in your working life as well as being knowledgeable and book smart. Even though your job may bring stress and pressure, you still keep up with all the latest trends.

Mercedes Benz

If Mercedes Benz is your go-to brand then you are probably fit and active and can often be found on the golf course. You prefer the finer things in life and carry maturity with you.


This brand shows that you are adventurous, love good food and like to be spontaneous. You enjoy working and adventuring, but you are just as happy watching TV with your favourite food.  


Your personality is friendly but direct. You love the outdoors and sports. You probably enjoy sitting down with biltong and watching the latest games on TV or going fishing, hiking or doing some gardening.  


You are drawn to city life and you have an ambitious side to your personality. You can adapt to your surroundings even though you might be a little bit of an introvert.

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What Does The Car Colour Reveal About You?

Here is what your car colour choice says about you.


There is research that says that those who have black cars are aggressive or they are called competitive. Either way black shows that you are a little mysterious.  

Dark Blue 

These car owners are careful when they drive and have a personality that is calm and practical.  


Red shows that you are energetic, like to show off and love to drive fast.  


When it comes to car colours, white shows that you are status-seeking extrovert.


Silver is the choice for those that are cool and calm. They are unlikely to get in a car accident and keep a levelled head.

So, there we have it.What your car says about your personality. If you are looking for your next car then why not check out Cars2Sell and find the car that speaks to your personality.

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