When Should You Buy New Tyres?

February 4, 2021

When it comes to road safety, not only will you need to be vigilant and obey the rules of the road, you also need to make sure that your vehicle is maintained and road-worthy. One aspect of this is your tyres.  

You need to replace your tyres regularly to avoid smooth tyres that can cause you to slide, bursts and tears.

When it comes tyres they should be replaced and rotated, but how often you need to do that will vary depending on the owner’s manual, the driver and other such factors.


However, here are some aspects that you need to take in consideration.

The Way You Drive

If you are a heavy driver and push your vehicle then most parts won’t last that long. If for fun, you tend to spin your tyres or drive fast then stop suddenly, then your tyres will bear the cost, so you will have to replace your tyres quite regularly. Ifyou are a smoother driver and go easy on the brake then your tyres will last longer and your wallet will thank you.

What’s the Road Like

Road conditions will play a part in how long your tyres will last. Those that stick to the city will usually get longer use out of tyres compared to those that generally drive off-road or on rough terrain. Avoiding uneven pavements, potholes and poorly maintained roads and parking lots will give your tyres a longer life.

The Air in Your Tyres

It is more important than you think to keep the right air pressure in your tyres. Your owner’s manual will tell you the correct air pressure for your vehicle, but keep in mind that temperature does play a role. In hot climates, tyres will expands lightly and they will also heat up after driving.  

What’s in the Boot

Your tyres will wear out a lot quicker if you overload your car. Even when weight is distributed correctly and if you inflate and deflate your car according to its load.

You can make your tyres last longer by driving well, sticking to smooth roads, keeping the air pressure just right and by not overloading your car.

A good rule to follow is to replace your tyres every 40 000km. This is also true for those that drive on good roads, have average loads and undertake regular maintenance. However, you should check your tyres often and if you notice anything then have a professional take a look.  

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