Why Do You Need to Change Your Car Fluids?

July 7, 2021

Why do you need to change fluids and filters and what happens if you don’t? Let’s take a look.

Regardless of the car you have, some mechanical parts still wear and fluids get contaminated. This means that you will still need periodic maintenance no matter how advanced your car is.

Over the recent years, almost every aspect of cars has been improved with technological advancements.  However, the new technology has only extended the interval between services and has not got rid of them.

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Why is it Important to Change Fluids andFilters? 

Even though fluids and oils have evolved, their nature is still disposable.  

For instance, you would have had to change the oil every 3000KM or so, but with newer synthetic oils and hi-tech filters, this interval is now about 7500KM.  

Its function within the engine is to clean, lubricate and cool the internal parts. Not having routine oil and filter changes could decrease the engines performance and fuel efficiency, resulting in a build-up of sludge and harmful particles and the lack of insufficient lubrication can cause engine components to wear out and eventually cause the engine to breakdown due to extreme heat and friction.  

This is true of other fluids and filters in your car. If you fail to change the fuel or air filter when recommended by the manufacturer they can become clogged, which can result in serious damage and decreased engine efficiency.

From time to time, the braking fluid should also be discarded to avoid the ABS from clogging. Also, the automatic transmission and power steering oils should be checked to prevent excessive wear.

Having a service plan can help you not only with the costs, but also help you to keep track of your services.

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