Why You Should Have a Car Tracker Installed

It will come as no surprise that car theft in South Africa is a problem. Experts say that if your car is stolen there is about a 5% - 10% chance of it being recovered. However, if you have a car tracker installed then the recovery rate jumps to as high as 80%, which means getting a car tracker installed is a no brainer.

car tracker

This is good news for both you and your insurer. Insurance companies don't want to pay out for theft, so when you have a tracker they could save money, plus you can save money as insurance companies, will usually offer a better premium when you have a tracker installed.

So, what does a vehicle tracker do?

A tracking system will gather data about your vehicles location, which will then be sent in real-time to a cellular or satellite data centre. Some systems will use GPS technology and others will use telematics data, however, more companies are offering a combo of both.

Let’s look at these two technologies a little more closely.

Telematic Devices and How They Protect You 

A telematics device will gather all sorts of information like if you take sharp corners, if you break the speed limit or if you slam on the brakes as well as information like if you stick to the speed limit and are driving responsibly. This information is then used by your insurer to determine if you are a responsible driver. If you are a responsible driver then your insurer may reward you with cash back or points.

The telematics systems have an impact detector built-in, which means that if you are involved in an accident, your insurer will be alerted and emergency services will be sent to your location.

What About GPS Tracking?

Vehicle tracking is a great solution for fleet management. With GPS tracking, the control centre will be informed of the exact vehicle location, whilst telematic data will monitor the drivers, driving behaviour.

A Tracker Can Help You to Save

Once you have a tracker in your vehicle, you should compare car insurance quotes. Having a tracker in your vehicle can lower your car insurance premiums, which means you will save money.

You can use websites like YouInsure to compare car insurance quotes easily from top providers in South Africa and put some money back in your wallet.

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