Why You Should Use Cars2Sell to Buy and Sell Your Car

Cars2Sell is a platform where both dealers and private individuals can advertise their car for sale and browse hundreds of listings from across South Africa for a new car to buy.  


As a private individual, you can load your car for sale for free. Your vehicle will be advertised on 20+ platforms and you will start receiving enquiries.

As a dealer, you can advertise unlimited stock for free on 20+ platforms by signing up to the e-Dealer Portal. The e-DealerPortal offers plenty of features for dealers including book values, vehicle valuations, HPI check and the CX Portal, which is a complete CRM system for your dealership. As a dealership, you will only need to load once and have your stock advertised on multiple platforms. You can even add third-party lead feeds, making it so much easier.

Why Choose Cars2Sell as a Private Individual 

Cars2Sell has made it easy for private sellers to advertise their car for sale on their platform and it’s free.

If you are not sure what your car is worth, then you can first do a free book value, which will give you the trade and retail price for your car. You can use this as a guide as to what price to list your car at. You need to price your car for sale at the right price to find the right buyers.

Once, you know what your car is worth, simply advertise it. Cars2Sell has thought of everything to make listing and advertising your car easy, hassle-free and fast. Enter your vehicle details, choose the colours, accessories etc, add a description and upload your photos.Once, done, your car will be advertised on over 20 websites, giving it maximum exposure.And once more, it’s free to advertise your car.

Why Choose e-Dealer Portal as a Dealership

As said, a dealer can advertise all of their stock for free on Cars2Sell and other websites by joining the e-DealerPortal.  

So, what does the e-Dealer Portal offer your dealership?

Firstly, you can load and advertise your stock on 20+ platforms for free. This will give you and your dealership maximum exposure and plenty of leads. There are also lead feeds that can be added. With lead feeds, you only need to load once to advertise on the 20+ platforms and third-party websites, making everything so much easier to manage.  

Additional services that the e-Dealer Portal offers include book values, HPI Checks, Vehicle Valuations and the CX Portal.

The CX Portal is an exciting CRM system for dealerships that has everything you need and more including the lead pool. The lead pool receives hundreds of general enquiries leads that are open for the taking.

On top of this, you can set, manage and link customer data to appointments, vehicle valuations, vehicle interest, trade-ins and more. You can even complete the deal through the system by generating OTPs, quotes and signing documents digitally, which are all stored safely and securely.

As a dealership, the e-Dealer Portal offers everything you could need and more, so it’s worth checking out.  

Cars2Sell might be a new player in the market, but they know what they are doing when it comes to buying and selling vehicles online in South Africa for both private individuals and dealerships.  

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