Why Your Dealership Needs a True, Independent Website

Having a website is a great way to show credibility, promote your brand and generate new customers. Customers will generally visit a website before they think about visiting your dealership to make a purchase, which means that having a dealership website is vital.

dealership website

A dealership website is a point of contact for customers to your dealership. With a website, you can attract customers to your dealership. If you don’t have a website, these customers may go to your OEM’s site, competing dealerships or a third-party marketplace.

When we speak of having a website, it means the domain is yours and traffic is pointed directly to you. Many dealerships believe that they already have a website through third-party advertisers, but these are not real websites.

These ‘websites’ offer very little flexibility, control and ways to market. Also, you don’t own the website.  

By having a true website, you will have more flexibility and can participate in digital marketing opportunities. Having a registered domain and website will also increase trust and credibility for your dealership.

Ok, so why should you have a true website and what is the value?

Why Your Dealership Needs a True Website

You Will Always be Online

Having a clean, professional and responsive website means that customers can find you anytime, anywhere and on any device. Even though your dealership is closed, customers can still find your dealership, find out more information and make an enquiry. When you are not online, customers will be heading to your competition.  

Communicate Information

The easiest way for you to communicate information to your customers is through a website. Customers can find information about your dealership, but they can also browse stock and send enquiries. Your website is also a great way to promote certain material and social media channels.

Add Credibility to Your Dealership

You can add credibility to your dealership through a website. Having a website means that customers have a point of contact with your dealership where they can find information. A responsive, well designed website with quality information and up-to-date stock, can give you the edge over the competition.

Increase Brand Awareness

It is important to communicate your brand online, which will also help you to differentiate yourself from the competition. As many customers are online, you need a website to communicate who you are with quality information.

Increase Your Leads

Your chances of getting leads are increased when you have a website. Your website is accessible to customers at any time and with contact forms, they may submit an enquiry because of the information provided on your site, which can lead to more sales. There is a cost to having a website, but when a dealership website is used correctly the ROI is positive.

dealership website

You Can Grow Organically

With an optimised website, your dealership will appear in search engine results. This will then attract new customers and increase your potential for leads and sales.

Insights into Your Customers

You can identify your typical customer with analytic tools as well as how they found you and what they like. This information can be used to maximise enquiries through your website.

Use Your Website to Communicate

You can use your dealership website to communicate with customers at any time. For instance, if you are running a special or promotion, have new stock etc. you can tell your customers via your website.

Use Digital Marketing

With digital marketing, you can increase traffic and leads, but you will need to have a dedicated dealership website. With a third-party advertiser site, you can’t market to potential customers and could be missing out on sales. When using digital marketing, target historic traffic to get the best ROI on your ad spend.  

The Competition is Online

Your competitors most likely have websites, which means you are missing out if you don’t have your own website.

Your Customers Expect You to Have Website 

Most customers will want to look at your website before they engage in any business.  

Customers expect you to have a dealership website with stock, enquiry forms and so on. By not having a dealership website, customers could be sceptical of your business.

Why You Shouldn’t Be Using Third-Party Advertiser Websites

As a dealership, you may think you have a website because you have one with a third-party advertiser, but you don’t own that website.

Owning your website means you have a domain for your dealership and complete control over your website.  

The problem with third-party dealership advertiser websites is that you don’t have any of this.  

If the advertiser decides they no longer what to advertise your vehicle, then you lose your website. 

You will also need to pay the advertiser for this so-called website and may not even reap the benefits that a website offers. You will have almost no control over the ‘website’, which means you can only advertise the way the third-party wants you to. It will also be difficult for you to engage in digital marketing and push any traffic to this type of website.


Why Make the Move to Your Own Website?

With a dealership website, you will own it and the domain. You will have full control over the way you want your website to look, operate and how you want customers to engage with you.

Having a dealership website will also show a better representation of your brand. You can build your brand and reputation by making the customer experience personalised.

With a dealership website, you can push digital marketing to drive traffic to your website and increase leads and sales.

How Do I Get My Own Website? 

If you currently don’t have a real dealership website or if your dealership website isn’t performing, we can help.

e-Dealer Portal believes that all dealers should have their own websites that they own and control as well as perform within the digital space.

Our team of designers and SEO experts will get your dealership on the digital map with a customised and tailored website that offers flexibility and most importantly drives traffic towards your business, putting you a step ahead of the competition.  

Having a dedicated dealership website for your dealership means you can make your mark on the digital space, get customers to engage with you, participate in digital marketing, grow your business and brand and build trust and credibility with customers.  

Stop paying for third-party advertiser websites that contribute very little to your brand and don’t offer any flexibility or control. Get your dealership website today and start reaping the benefits of a true website.

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